What Character Would You Hang Out with for a Day?

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#1 Rakanishu! (He got his avatar in D3)
#2 Scoundrel <3
Oh man, this is such an awesome question ! Thank heavens the Blizzard team asks us such intriguing and interesting things !

Jeez, I don't know, this is really exciting, to have so many options like this !

I guess would choose communication about itemization as my companion on the long and lonely road to a proper Diablo sequel.
Doesn't matter to you because I vvouldn't let you go home until you fix these atrocious drops. You vvant time off? Earn it.


If I had to had out vvith anybody, i'd take the 2 bees.
Covetous Shen. His background story is interesting.
Jay Wilson....LMAO... just to ask him how is he able to messed up D3 this bad
This was gonna be my answer...
Can't get enough of these fluff stickies mmmmm ty men.

What's the quota for these in your job description? Everybody comes up with their own every few months?
Female Demon hunter
Leah - maybe, i wouldn't want to get her to excited though if you know what i mean... Nah scratch that, shes to damn annoying to hang with.
Female Wizard for sure
I choose the Itemization Guy ! i miss him
I think I'd get along with Leah. She's cool, level-headed, and a skeptic. We'd chill out in her inn and smoke the wild greenweed we found in the Fields of Misery. And if we ever got attacked, she could protect me because she's the spawn of Satan.
I'd hang with the scoundrel, we'd roll in to Kingsport and be swimmin in ladies.
Well, the Community Management team seems to be made up of a bunch of characters, so perhaps it would be enlightening to hang out with them and repeatedly point out how out of touch they are with the concerns of the Diablo 3 community.
06/19/2013 07:38 PMPosted by MisterAjikko
No offense but did you guys come up with this thread to try make up for the recent maintenance and server error that caused people unable to log in and play on their very spare time?

That's their job. To divert our attention from the important things.
Kulle. No question.

Although I have to give props to this answer:
06/20/2013 01:10 AMPosted by Renegade
I'd love to hang out with Auriel and a certain Fallen Hound at BlizzCon!
Karyna -- built like a german brickhouse
Barbarian for sure arreat lore is my favorite
Tyreal. The discussions we could have ...
Imperious. Just to show him that not all humans are bad.
I'd love to spend some "quality time" with the female Barbarian. I probably wouldn't be able to move for a week afterwards, but it would be totally worth it.
Definitely Mehtan the Necromancer from the Restless Sands event in Act II. Mostly to talk about his mentor, the necro from Diablo II, who was my absolute favorite character to play, in any of the Diablos to date!

Together, Mehtan and I would lobby Blizzard for inclusion of a playable Necromancer class in any D3 expansion... :-)

(And no, to head off any comments along these lines, the Witch Doctor doesn't play like a true Necro. Sure, they both rely on pets, but the WD plays much more like a D2 Druid to me than a classic D2 Summoner Necro - the Druid could also summon a few pets and could also essentially become one, but like a WD he couldn't have anywhere near the sheer numbers of a high-level necro's army, where the player is more of a marshal or general directing his army & casting spells that just influence the behavior of the mobs rather than a direct-damage attacker.)

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