What Character Would You Hang Out with for a Day?

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hmm.. Female DH is a given.. but I always wondered why the jailer guy (forget his name) gets no attention. "AM I ALONE HERE..???" Gave me shivers. Turns out to be a wimp, but I like his lines. Probably rescued from a darker version of D3 we never got to play. Wouldn't really like to hang out with him but at least he has presence.
06/21/2013 03:11 PMPosted by Vaeflare
Kulle. That dude knew some stuff, and I'm still saddened by his death. One Nephalem defeated mega-Diablo and he was prepared to make an entire planet full of them.
He's truly an interesting individual, and the misunderstood "hero" of his own tale, I think.

What would you ask Zoltan Kulle if you had the chance?

I would ask him how he felt about the writers killing off the most interesting character in the Diablo mythos since Deckard Cain in less than one Act.
Female demon hunter. Dat eye-candy!
I have been a Fan of Diablo since I played it on the PS1, would have to be Deckard Cain by all that is holy, for days I would " Stay a while and listen" ( with that shawn connery accent ) and just listen to all the awesome tales that he has to tell.
06/19/2013 08:09 PMPosted by Swampdonkeys
Covetous Shen

for sure the best character in d3, i would kick it with the guy.
witch doctor cause he could use jar of spiders on the guys that bully me
I would to test my mettle with an archangel and possibly learn a few things. And possibly teach them more about the mountains.
A barb to get a good pump in the gym.
I'd have to go with either male or female monk. Bet it would help with my MMA training.
06/20/2013 10:04 AMPosted by Rampage
Karyna -- built like a german brickhouse

HELL YES. Much better than the enchantress, which I'd regret after about the first half an hour, when we get to "talking."

Her: "So, did I tell you about this one time, at the academy, when Sister Liza asked me t--"

Me: "Please, PLEASE, for the love of all things holy, just SHUT UP, MEG! Nobody cares, nooooobooooody cares!"

Her: "I...I don't understand, who is Meg?"

Me: >< "I knew I'd squander this opportunity horribly!"

Her: "Why does nobody like me?"
Haha, Covetous Shen, of course! Tons of stores, wit, and James Hong <3


Second would be a close one between Deckard Cain and Tyreal.
Would probably want to hang out with the Female Monk because she is the most similar to my gf, im only into athletic girls that lift.....her Eastern Euro accent is annoying tho..... I bet she is DTF for sure.

Second fav would probably be male Barbarian, he seems like a cool, chillax guy that actually lifts. We could help spot and form check each other at the gym.

Everybody else in this game is pretty annoying.
Blacksmith ...

a couple of Tristram ale's and I bet the stories start to flow. A couple more and a stein to the side of a barbs head and we got brawl going ... now we're ready to take on the deamons lol

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