What does your DH look like in-game?

Demon Hunter
06/25/2013 10:03 AMPosted by The47thSen
Wow, she's beautiful. Are you SF? That's quite an interesting set of gear you've got. No hate, just curious.

Naaah, the only gear I found while pillaging were the rings, amulet, boots, and bracers. The rest I got off AH - but not all at once, just a piece here and there. Never expected the helm and the shoulders and the rest to go so well together though...

I'm using the Manticore now so it looks a bit different than the crossbow in the pic.

I do agree the Tasker is a bit obnoxious lol. First off, it looks NOTHING like the picture. Secondly, its like having your arm in a kryptonite shard or something...

The helm design every DH wishes it to be on NAT ~.~

I really like the color coordination on Axeach's character. If only there were the possibility of an end game hood with attack speed...

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