almost a good build--any ideas or help

Witch Doctor
So I feel like I almost have a good build. I dont have the cash for a zero dog build and I can't pull of the bat build because I run out of health and mana too fast. But I can make it in mp 7. I have two other strong mojo's I can use and ice climbers but does any one have any suggestions with my skills I use. Specifically I run out of mana too quickly. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I trying a sacrifice build with out the zero dog gear. Let me know what you think.
To take the next step to farming mp10 you will need to commit to Bats or to Dogs. Really no other way around it. You might be able to tweak a little here and there but that skill build really has a ceiling and you pretty much have hit it.

Sorry man, time to upgrade.....

Endless bats gear here, note the helm, ammy and ring
Build wise you are going to find that higher MP requires:

A. A ton more life on hit and the use of rain of toads as a primary (if you are sticking with your current build)
B. A weapon with lifesteal. (generally +2.5%)

You have decent life and armor, but you are giving up ton of dps by having all purple gems in your armor.

What it really comes down to is what kind of build you find enjoyable to play. If you basically like your current play style, I would suggest:

1. Tons of life on hit for Acid Cloud and switch to rain of toads.
2. Switch to Sacrifice: Pride. (This will continuously fill your globe).

High MP you to not only have a high damage output, but you also need survivability and sustainability of mana.

Raising dps/ar through int gems would be a good way. Also I would highly suggest adding more crit chance and crit damage to your items (zuni pox, tal rashas, craft gloves, zuni vision).

Also, if you are really having mana problems it is quite possible that you have too high of attack speed or you are not putting out enough dps at the current MP to kill fast enough. Switching away from an echoing fury would help. Also, keep in mind that AC is a dot that doesnt stack. To be most effective it is not meant to be spammed (this will drain your mana extremely quickly).

I would continue to experiment with builds, once you have figured out exactly how you like to play these forums have plenty of knowledgeable WD that can help you gear according to play style.

Look at the sticky of builds and experiment if you are searching for ideas.
Thanks guys

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