Rate my WD please.

Witch Doctor
The amount of time played is way over exaggerated because i would fall asleep playing lol. Anyway The WD has been my only character really and been playing on and off a while. I dont flip or anything so money has been tight. I think I did a pretty good job so far but would like someone to let me know the next piece of gear to upgrade and also just any overall thoughts on it... I know the build sucks but I enjoy it because i can have pets tank real well while i launch acid cloud from a distance and shred them with splinters but give me tips for that too if you want. Oh also I have always ran with a sorc follower for the ehp and ias and crowd control but have been thinking of going scoundral for the hysterics... Oh also I like my mf. Its capped with my paragon level so as I level I remove items with mf so take that into account.

Thanks a bunch for any info.
Also I had a marujams carver(sp) that had about 930 dps 80 cd and a socket which actually increaded my dps and the ls was awesome but I swear I was killing stuff slower... maybe because of the black damage on my sword?? not sure but even d3up said the carver was better but i hated it lol. Any thoughts on that?
Get rid of that tals helmet asap and get a zuni vision. You are missing out on the set bonus. Also, get rare pants instead of BTs.

Better gems

Get chest with armor on it.
Thanks... Im poor now but will look into that down the line... just checked zunnis helms and they are expensive to keep my dps anywhere near as high as with the tals... Im thinking of getting a good soj for the elite damage. and getting zunnis helm and maybe a pox for when i dont need that hell fire. lll check armor but if i stay with zuni i know its gonne be killer expensive for good armor on it lol.
Any thoughts on the marujamas carver(sp) or any thoughts on getting a soj with high acid cloud cc + elemental damage and elite damage? I figure my overall damage will go down a lot but against elites it should help alot... Thanks for any info.
i would consider another build for higher mp ;)
although acid cloud works fine for low mp (for farming xp)

anyhow, if you use mana spells, u defo want the 4 piece zuni setbonus but first of all i would remove pierce the veil, so u can use an more mighty aoe or single target primary (like ghostbomb or splinters) and to cast more acid and use another passive of your choice. maybe something to support your mana
you may would like to use grave injustice, instead of zombie handler too (works great with the frog you use as offhand) for killspeed and farmspeed (spirit walk) - alls of this would enable you to get rid of dogs and/or the gargantuan for slam dance (and/or paranoia) and most of all: spirit walk

its worth a thought - but use what gives u fun, if efficience gives u fun; think about it ;)

btw. donT replace the blackweapon you have for an crappy manajumas ;) (later, u possibly want some lifesteal, when acid cloud wonT be the big damage dealer you need for high mp (like mp10), but for acid the LoH scales great.. damage (the one staying on the ground) doesnt stack.. but the LoH does 8)
I agree with Kada on most everything. Don't use a carving knife unless it's GG and you have a GG fetch to go with it for the set bonus.

I think you definitely want to get the zuni set its just too good for a WD not to have.
Thanks all... oh and last night I was drinking and trying out some weird skills so pierce the veil and corpse spiders and stuff isnt normal... although I kinda liked the mana steal spiders made me wonder if I would have to worry about gaining mana. Oh and I like my pets.... closest thing to my old necro lol damn I want a d2hd or something


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