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Witch Doctor
Heya, started running Ubers with my WD in groups. Done a few on MP10, and have done reasonably well. Obviously passives like GI and GF do not work, and one needs a few skills to manage mana.

If anyone could suggest a few builds it would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!acX!ZcZZZb

This is what I use when grouping to keep me alive and being useful. Siphon and Jinx for SB/K though you may be fine with vengeful spirit, just helps me to heal without bouncing off RD, devouring swarm for SK/M since there's a lot of repositioning chasing them down and a lot of adds. Locusts also keep BM up for 11 seconds if you need it. Jinx and Slam Dance buff the party and most of these spells don't require you to interrupt CoB too often. Honoured Guest alone is enough to keep my mana up in a non-stop channel.

Use it, ditch it, tweak it how you like.
how about providing the group with pet tanks?

i solo uber mp10 with this pet tank build

warning though this build requires specific gearing setup

but with a group of barb (inspiring presence) and monk (regen aura) the effectiveness of this build is twofold

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