I've been gone for quite some time...

Witch Doctor
How am I holding up?
gear is good... I would probably just get new gloves in your scenario. Probably bracers too, but I just personally prefer more mitigation over movement speed, and I don't need the IAS on lacunis... even if my sheet dps shoots much higher.

Better to have crit hit /crit dmg on gloves than ias/crit hit. Your sheet dps may drop, but you won't blow thru so much mana so quickly, which means you could drop one of those mana passives for something else.

and I think spiders would be better for your primary, over darts. 1 Spider queen can keep vision quest a lot longer than darts. Or the mana return spiders.
I needed the extra IAS because it was already so low. I think I'm at 1.24 right now. If I could find a pair of solid tri-fecta Theo's, I would buy em.

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