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Hey WD forums ! I am posting again, looking for some more advice...

Well, my WD is coming along nicely thanks to the suggestions in my previous thread.
However, I am having difficulty finding decent items that will up my vitality without sacrificing too much DPS ( not that I have that much DPS anyways, that is why i don't want to lose any of it ) !

What items I do find which will upgrade my dps and vitality all seem to be well into the hundreds of millions / billion/s. There must be other items I am not seeing , and that is why I am seeking advice here. I am looking for suggestions of any pieces of gear I may replace for relatively cheap ( around 100-300m ) to boost my vitality without sacrificing too much dps or armor.

Thanks all ! Whoever is able to provide the most insight will get a nice bonus from me :)
I would suggest you get a double vit marrow (no bonus armor type 40 - 80m) rather than one with you have with armor. Youre only gaining 150 or so armor on the base armor of marrows, not worth it. If it rolled mid 700 - mid 800s it would maybe be ok. Instead you can get 280 vit on that for cheap.

I think then you need to look at AR more than anything else. With the exception of pieces that roll AR naturally none of your pieces have AR, even your crafted pieces. If you want to eventually play at a higher MP, AR should be your priority. Focus less on your DPS at this stage as bats is already a very high DPS build.

Good luck and hope it helps.
5cc pox with decent vit ~100m

or +socket if you can snag one for cheap.
Thanks for replies so far.
I will definitely check out a marrow with more vit !

As for the pox, I have ran into some confusing with that... on paper a pox with CC usually boosts my dps. However, with Skorn , don't i need that little bit of extra IAS ? or maybe i can find it elsewhere, hmmm.
06/22/2013 12:04 AMPosted by Viss
However, with Skorn , don't i need that little bit of extra IAS ? or maybe i can find it elsewhere, hmmm.

You actually need a bit more CC because you dont use an offhand (which would normally come with 8-10 more CC). The more frequent your crits the better you heal, especially on a skorn,
Looks like you haven't been reading any of my posts (which are all over the forums actually).

You gear is all messed up. Put the eHP/mitigation at their proper slots, and focus on DPS where they can be found. That's the way to gear for MP10 on a budget.

Zuni chest and BT pants, these 2 pieces can get you to near 600 Vit, half of all the eHP that you need. For BT pants, choose either AR or Armor as the other variable stat.

You can consider Tal's amulet, don't look down on the %element damage, especially when you're a Skorn user. Also, CHC is Skorn's best friend. If you need to choose between IAS and CHC due to limited budget, always choose CHC.

Instead of taking bits and pieces of suggestions from everyone, you're better off just following the guidelines from one person. Just choose anyone that can clear MP10, if his play style and gear concept is what you agree with, build your gear in a similar way. All the multiple views may not be compatible, and may need corresponding skill-build to balance up at MP10. You will be wasting a lot of gold on transaction fees, "side grades", balance adjustments, and still not fully comfortable at MP10.

At the current way you're gearing, you will meet a bottleneck where the next piece of upgrade will affect another 2 pieces that need to be replaced. All the interlocking stats are affected when you change just one piece of gear. I'd do a complete gear alighment while the individual pieces still have good value. Take a step back, imagine your character with 0 items. Map out the target stats you want to get, and how these stats can be distributed and allocated among all the pieces of gear.
^ good advice, i just didnt want to be so blunt :)
06/22/2013 12:42 AMPosted by kurOsawa
^ good advice, i just didnt want to be so blunt :)

A permanent MP10 end-game fix, is better than band-aids everywhere. The pain will just accumulate and make it harder to make changes down the road.

Tough tribal love, but the jungles are no playground.

What are the "proper slots" you are talking about though? that is something i do not quite understand yet.

so you are suggesting to upgrade my zuni chest and BT pants first? sounds solid... and i will look for tal's ammy's again, though most seem very expensive.

thank you.

edit: also would you recommend trying to get better crafted shoulders?
Viss - id take a look at this gearing guide by Jumbasa. I dont 100% agree with all of it but it will get you to a better level without outlaying billions.

Thank you kur0.

I have actually taken a look at his guide before, and that was one of the factors that led me to purchasing my Skorn after I already have mana set( that and I love the look of the Skorn, and got it for a very fair price ) .

I have been trying to follow his approach to gearing , crafting where he says to, etc. However, the majority of my Zuni pieces I just bought for cheap when I had hit level 60 to get the set bonuses.
In that respect, I did not follow his guide AT ALL at what stats to look for on each piece. Perhaps it is time I do so, haha.
Yes - right pieces with wrong stats is not going to help you at all. So I would read through and follow it this time round.

06/22/2013 12:49 AMPosted by Viss
edit: also would you recommend trying to get better crafted shoulders?

Never stop crafting. Both your shoulders and bracers need attention. These are spots where you can get a ton of vit and mitigation. AR is generally better than armor for mitigation. But it may not be easy initially to roll both on these pieces. So I would prioritize AR and hope for Str rolls (split rolls) on those pieces to supplement your overall armor.

You might also want to take a look at my SleetStorm wiz, Eve, as a template. I geared her last week on the cheap-ish. All the gear on her is good for CoB except the Storm Crow, which you would instead slot in your vision. The crafts are not bad but like I said, it takes time.
I wrote a long post, and it fizzled when I click submit :(
Just add me in-game, the journey is long, and trying out concepts on mobs and bosses are far more relevant than forum theory.
Best advice you'll ever get: Don't eat yellow snow.

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