IAS CC High Powered Sword/Shield Barb Build

Hey guys,

I've been playing barb since d2 came out. Ever since i've been pretty hooked on having a s/s barb like back in the old days of d2. Unfortunately, Diablo 3 made it pretty difficult having a S/S barb.

After a few trials and experimentation, i managed to get a sword/shield barb with 300k buffed WW damage, and enough survivability to solo 4 man MP10 inferno.

It can still use some upgrades, like LOH amulet.

Please note this build is item/and gold dependent.

Check my build here:


Tell me what you think or if you've built something similar.
Guess you're new, so here you go (your fellow S&B'ers):

S&B Q&A Part 6:

S&B Gearing Guide:
definitely a different build, do you have any gameplay videos? (Fraps, bandicam will allow you to record)
Unique skill combo. Can you describe the play style?
Very interesting. I tried to use a mighty weapon with weapon master passive to generate fury. It didn't generate enough fury, so I determined I needed a 5 piece ik set. However I could never fond gloves ( I wanted gloves like yours). I had a cool shield that gave 7% cc to ww too. I like what you've done here, kicking it old school with the LoH. You have A lot more dps than I was expecting to see considering your low str and cd. I'd also be curious to see a video.
wat is this i dont even
just curious, why are you stacking loh? life steal is more than enough, you also need more life, 32k isn't much :(
I assumed he was stacking loh for more overall sustainability. His resistances are rather low as well as his life. This was the way a lot of people geared for ww about a year ago. It worked pretty well then, but loh became extremely expensive. Not to mention life steal was shown to be better at healing at higher damage levels. That's why I thought this was an interesting approach, going old school with loh and 5 piece ik.
This would remotely make sense if into the fray were nerfed to the point of uselessness.

But as things are now:
06/21/2013 06:22 AMPosted by doughb1zzle
wat is this i dont even
Hey Guys,

thanks for the feedback.

It is an interesting build.

I will upload video soon.
Here is 30 seconds. it's all i can get out of fraps.


quick mp10 solo gameplay.
if you use bloodshed for your battle cry rune, you will be much more effective.

sword/shield high crit ias build , 200k ~ handed dmg with buff.


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