WTS Skorn 1398.4 dps/335 intel/194% cd/5.6 LS

Witch Doctor
Looking to sell my equipped Skorn.

1398.4 Dps
335 Intel
49% Damage
194% Crit Dmg
5.6% Life Steal

Offer here.

Add me in-game if you want me to link it. SnowMountain #1185

C/O 2B
BiN please.
Was planning on coming with a bin with more offers. Right now I only have the 2B offer.. and I know its more than that... How much more is kinda up for debate.
Dang, Skorn prices have gone up.

Congrats, 2 billion minimum!
Something tells me he's not going to see much more than 2B.
if this was 1.6 more dps (ie., 1400), you'd see more bids. The psychological barrier is crazy.

This is still worth 2.5b+...i wouldn't let it go for less than that.
is it better with my skorn?

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