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Witch Doctor
So I'm doin pretty well with my WD but what kind of upgrade comes next? I love having almost 4k life regen but my armor suffers. I've been trying to craft better gloves and shoulders but its gonna take some time...

Looking for input, thanks!
Craft bracers...you would be surprised at what you can get. Lacunis can only be good on a very rare occasion.

Drop all your regen that you can and get armor...even 100 armor on each piece will make a huge difference.

Your shoulders are ok so I would leave those for last.

Also you are at the point in damage where you can look at an SoJ. Around 200k damage is fine for white mobs so the SoJ is great for Elites. It may not seem so on paper but once you add in Soul Harvest and Gruesome Feast, the Elite % really kicks in. However, do not grab one until you get your armor up around 4k or RD packs will eat you up.

And long live 1h/oh....f'ck a Skorn :)
I feel like the decently high all res and life regen trumps a lot of armor but it would definitely help.

Good idea on the stone, i got a 6%/30% to elites with 11% to spirit barrage for a lil over a mil today.

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