Can anyone give me feedback on my barb

Hey i pretty much just finished putting this barbarian together and its the first one ive ever done haha just wondering if someone could give me some feedback or tips to improve on it :) or even where i stuffed it up haha
Also i logged out without any buffs on
damn it, i thought u were gonna provide some feedback on barb
Haha, sorry hopefully thats better
people get tired of visiting everyones thread like some out-calling doctor.

the guys who actually help, have their own threads setup, jump into one of them and ask for some assistance.

(ask a question about breakpoints that shows u know something about breakpoints, they love those)
but yeah, better to find that help in their thread, as the helpers are doing more than enough already, they're not gonna personally cater as well.

i mean, u might get lucky, but lets keep luck out of this.
You are probably going to miss an extra 12% run speed as a WW barb.

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