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I can't wait to try out the set and do couple of uber test runs to acclimatize myself.
Btw anyone has the set stats captured in d3up or d3rawr?

Btw anyone has the set stats captured in d3up or d3rawr?

Not yet. The final set will be posted by saturday 6th june.

@Likeaboss, Vyktoria and Leit
I want you to work out bating order between you 3. Wholl go after kluno (monday 8th), and so on.

Bear in mind its five days for 3 people, because at the beginning of next weekend i must record my runs, if nothing changes. Talk to me in game to hear my thoughts on bating order.
Ladies and Gentlemen

Please note the revised schedule to accomodate the inclusion of the Reserve as a full team member.

@ Vyktoria

Thanks for sorting them out over in the WD forums.

PS I'd hate to see you angry :)
Due to the nature of Vyktoria's Schedule, I move that Vyktoria go first (mon-tue), followed by me, then LikeaBoss. We can maximize time by looking at when we play relative to each other, so since I play after 6 EST, it might make sense for LikeaBoss to go first on Wednesday then pass the set Thursday night. I'll try to talk to you guys in game, but like I said, internet might be sketchy the next few days.
After talking to team Sharks in game we devised following batting order:

Round 1: Kluno (saturday-sunday, must post runs before monday June 8-th)

Round 2: Vyktoria (monday-tuesday, must post runs before wednesday June 10-th)

Round 3: Likeaboss (wednesday-thirsday, must post runs before friday June 12-th)

Round 4: Leit (friday-saturday, must post runs before sunday June 14-th)

Round 5: Aleas (sunday-monday, must post runs before tuesday June 16-th)
Since morph is on Australia time, video need to post before 10pm austrialian time, that mean for me it is same day, June 8th 7am central daylight saving time.

Is that correct?

So exactly when is my 2 day begin at my time zone?
Borrow from Eclipse:

Videos must be uploaded before 5:00 AM PDT / 7:00 AM CDT / 8:00 AM EDT / 8:00 PM SGT

round 1 - videos due Monday, 8th of July
round 2 - videos due Wednesday, 10th July
round 3 - videos due Friday, 12th July
round 4 - videos due Sunday, 14th July
round 5 - videos due Tuesday, 16th July
Test drove the set today. Felt pretty good all around.
Thx, Kluno.
Test drove the set today. Felt pretty good all around.
Thx, Kluno.

Glad to hear it from top barb who knows the feel of real good gear.
Both DW set and Skorn set is almost identical on ehp and dps stats. Well done

set one is DW
set two is skorn
what are you guys going to run for your passives ?
@Team Sharks
Ill be away at countryhouse this weekend, youll have to arrange the set passing to each other. Get each others e-mail, skype, etc.

ill be using ruthless/wm/zerker
Just wondering who has the set on right now?
07/05/2013 02:38 PMPosted by xxxkan
Just wondering who has the set on right now?

07/05/2013 02:50 PMPosted by kluno

Your barb is naked! I want to see the set :(

I have not see you online for the pass 2 days, game said you have not get online at all. Can you post when you will be available to pick up the set from me after I am done?

I will be finishing Sunday. Let me know if you available on Sunday.
4th of July, yo. Two Guppies are MIA too. lol
This is getting frustrating. I am just trying to record a run, already at grom, with just grom left and the other boss get kill, and I am DYING to grom. That is because through the whole fight I am having less than 10 fps. If this keep going, I might not be able to kill the boss at all.

Logging off now, no point in trying with 10 fps.
Disable background tasks (like antivirus -- just make sure you re-enable it later). Some behind the scene update/downloads (*looks at Windows Update*) can cause massive frame loss (on older PCs) or lag spikes. If you're on older Operating System (e.g. XP), make sure you defrag your hard drive before you do any recording.

Maybe you can borrow a PC from a friend like what Omega is doing? Good luck with your runs.
Hey guys, you have less than 7 and a half hours to post your gear cost. Don't get your !@# disqualified due to a technicality.

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