Fastest way to para 100

Is it really faster to join mp10 pub grps usually having ppl go out on their own or trying to lead slowing you down..or those who sit in town or those who join in your grp under-geared..Or to just go thru mp10 on your own with more kill per hour? Getting to my last para lvls and want to be as efficient as possible so I can be over with that characters grind. Thanks for your input and experience.
You are going in between 2 extremes and forgetting there is something in the middle there. U can find good players to add them and play with u. So u don´t play alone neither with undergeared people.
Yea I guess that would help also. I dont have any really decently geared friends to run with though. Guess I could start looking here.
Go to fields of misery. On one of the quests, I assume the one just before fighting the bandit at the top right of the fields, there is a checkpoint. Do fields from top to bottom as efficiently as possible and I recommend using the caves as well. Use a ww/rend build. Just rend and run. Your gear seems that MP 8 would be most efficient. As far as getting stacks go, I suggest the graveyard. Only stack to 5 and ignore other elites. You can of course, do the keywarden.
Okay...and mp10 seems fine to me I zerg is 100% up time with almost 600k damage so everything dies fast, its been a while since I tried less than mp10 maybe I will give mp8 a shot to see if its worth it...I had been doing fields and hallow after stacking in festering. Thanks for your advice!
Leoric's Manor>WR>COTA>WH>FoM, enter Scavenger's Den and Decaying Crypts if they pop, skip the others.

You could also do VOA>DO>E & W Channels

both are fast and dense

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