couple questions and item upgrades?

hey trying to get back into the game i have 3mil gold in game and wanna do some upgrading on my monk what next 4 items should i get?

and also im level 60(5) and not sure where to farm for the best xp and whats the real point to this game now after the patches could someone give me the rundown?
A good place to farm for exp is the Weeping Hollow in Act 1
what items should i upgrade?
get :
1. cheap vile ward, dex , arcance resist, vit/ %life.
2. cheap arcane resist inna belt
3. cheap ice climber with arcane resist (+vit but i dont know the price) / nat boots with arcane resist with dex 150 up

I think your 3 mil can get them
btw.. pls move your star emerald from your pants to your skorn will give u more dps

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