Nirvana build...just wow!

So I decided (like many others) to turn my monk into a DE Farmer. She used to be just a passive low level farmer, but decided she could do more! Finding specs like this one makes me rethink so many hours on my barb...

Looking through builds I tried the new Bell/TR which was fun but just didn't fit my style.

Looked at the Nirvava build and Holy Hell this is what a Monk should feel like! My gear isn't all that great, but MP5 is absolutely a joke. Pulled 3 full Elite packs plus the Act2 KW and they all died in 5 seconds!

Thanks to those who figured this out, and the others who kept updating the threads!

I'm still playing with sweeping wind's runes. Also trying out Skorn vs EF, I like them both so far.

Just had to share :)

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