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I got over the death of my HC DH at par58, and have started an HC barb. Running on WW now, only at level 34. What is the safest barb build once I get to 60?
rend tank or support build is nice and safe and boring
the safest thing to do would be run 700+ All Resis buffed get very high armor use a shield with high block% stormshields are great if you can get 1 with life% or vitality even better. Lantern of injustice can add to your block % and make you even more tanky. but youll loose lots of dps and stats from this.

when I started my second barb he was a huge tank with close to like 3.2 Mil EHP but he only did like 50k dps I have been slowly over time reducing his EHP and adding more and more DPS however if you want the "safest" build just stack all your defensive skills and stack vitality armor all res and high block.

depending on your DPS your going to want to either get LOH or life steal.

defensive passives
inspiring presense
tough as nails
nerves of steal

rend blood thirst good dps and life
warcry impunity
ignore pain
leap is probably the best OH shi* button for a barb
battle rage marauders rage is good for dps
WOTB is another good OH SHI* button ...
just kinda play around with some differnt skills.

If you want to do a WW build, I have found that the Safest one would be not using WOTB but leap instead this is probably IMO tho. GL with your barb if you have any other questions about gear or anything hit me up in game monkee#1746
Bash (Clobber) 6
Rend (Blood Lust) 19
Ignore Pain (Iron Hide) 31
Ground Stomp (Wrenching Smash) 18
War Cry (Hardened Wrath) 32
Wrath of the Berserker 30
Passives (Superstition 31, Tough as Nails 31, Nerves of Steel 13)

Strength, Armor, Life After Kill
Average Damage on Rings & Amulets
Socket everything with Ruby
Life Steal on Belt
I have 2.25m ehp with (without any ehp from blocking) and 208/250/329k dps unbuffed/battlerage/wotb. with my current crappy ik chest i'm just shy of 100k life, 10k armor, and my resist are 911 to 1025. i don't agree that 'safe' = 'boring' for a tanky barb.
Thanks all. Very useful. Just cleared normal at mp10.

Once you reach 60 the best health insurance is a good Schaefer. Shields don't stand a chance on a nasty DC as you can see above, even on low MP with super armor/resist/regen. This is if you prefer to solo and kill at your own pace.

For high mp like mp5, nothing can save you but your teammates and friends.

Stacking everything on vit/resist/armor/shield/regen which will give absolutely no/low DPS and getting carried by parties is also a popular way to not die. You won't have enough DPS to save others but you have support skills like ignore pain/team sprint/warcry/inspiring to offer. Not very fun because you are dependent on others and can also be looked down upon by some as leeching.
Safest thing is to ue mighty weapons with life steal untill you hit lvl 60. Since only barbarins use them you can get very good ones cheap.
Look at my HC barb, it feels pretty safe.
After level 60, use the best Stormsheild you can find and the best weapon you can find that has Life on Hit.

Get huge armors with Strength, Vitality, All Resistance, and +Armor. Justice Lantern rings (+block) are OK, but a good rare ring with Str/Vit/AR/Life on Hit is probably preferred (for cost/benefit and for other stats that help dps, crit, etc). You want to get damage down so low that the 4700 damage or so that the shield blocks is 100% of the damage taken after mitigation... so each block means you take 0 damage. Same with Helm of Command vs Mempo.

The best build would be a team build with Rend... the best of both worlds.!bYc!YZYccZ

The weapon would be Axe/Mace/Mighty Weapon to go along with the Weapons Master passive, so you can get more fury via Into the Fray, to provide constant Sprint to the group as well as Rending every mob to make group kills much faster / give yourself lots of life regen via Bloodlust rune.

Heck, I think my next female barb will be this build.
Thx to all the people who made suggestions. I followed many of them in getting to 60 and am now at par4 inferno act 1. I was at MP10 until inferno and am now cranked down to mp1.
I have 850 AR w/o wc impunity, 3700-4700 block, 2400 str, 45k dmg w wc and according tio dp over 2m EHP..

I welcome suggestions on how to proceed safely.

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