WW Barb Gear help

Hey guys, what can I do to get my barb's dps up?

I have around 900m and I'm fairly happy with my cc/cd. I'm looking to get a better EF preferably with a socket but you know how that goes.

Here's my info - http://viciouscattle.com/hero/itchy-1982/34162588/us

Thanks in advance

EDIT: Fully buffed I am at 294k dps, if that helps.
when u get a new EF get one with .24 or .25 (.25 prefered) aps on it, with about the same damage range, some str, and an os. i got mine for like 10m i tihnk it was (cant get on to check). if you cna get CD and an os on it, thats even better, but it needs .24+aps.

you also need 12% more movespeed. you cna get these on innas pants or ice climbers (or both and drop the lacunis). if you get them on innas pants, they should ahve 130-150+ vit. if you get them on ice climbers, just make sure it has 170+ str, vit is nice to go on them as well. otherwise ur boots are fine as they are if u get innas.

i would replace the lacunis with a 4+cc pair if you want to stick with lacunis keeping 9 ias with it as well. otherwise craft str based ones and get 5-6 cc on the crafted with vit/ar/armor if possible.

as for ias gearing. if you get a .24 EF, you need 4 pieces of 9/9/8/8, if you get a .25 EF you need 4 pieces of 9/8/8/8 ias. you want this for WW mainly on helm (mempo of twilight), gloves (rare), pants (innas), and the other either on 1 ring (rare is fine) or on bracers (lacunis). so make sure as you change ur gear you meat those requierments. the helm is fine without cc, unless u want to shell out the gold for it. gloves should be str/cc8+/ias8-9, with armor/ar/vit if you can. pants should be 130+ vit/8 ias. the ring (if you go with it) shuold be str/avg dmg/8-9ias/4-6cc, rest is bonus. lacunis (if you go with it) should be 9ias and 4+cc.

ur VW is fine as it is, but i would reccomend crafting vit shoulders and aiming for 200+str/200+vit/60ar/150+armor and life% if u can, not immediatly important tho.

for ur non ias ring should be cc/cd/str/avg dmg unity, or a 6%cold/30%bve/any/any stone of jordan.

belt should be IK's belt with 230+str/50vit.

and i would personally reccomend changeing warcry impunity for overpower killing spree.

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