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Witch Doctor
Im about to hit 60 with my new WD and I have some gear from my wiz that I plan on using but I was just wondering if there is any break points that I need to hit like CM wiz's or is it like the monk where you just look for DPS and EHP?

Depends what build you are running. For bears - shoot for 1.5 ias. I had a bear reduc chicken and was at 1.5 ias and never had mana issues.

With COB im at 1.7 which is admittedly a bit on the high side but i kill everything before running OOM. Shoot for 1.6 if running COB and you should be fine.

P.S. This is all assuming you run the 4 piece zuni set.
For PvE, aim for 4 piece Zunimassa set with 700 ish AS, 65k+ health, 150k+ unbuffed dps, and 5.4%+ LS (or 200k+ dps and 3%LS with 1 hand)

For PvP, aim for 1 mil EHP and 100k+ dps and u'll be beating most ppl

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