A different kind of wizard

Hi all,

I am playing away my wizard since day one. And since then she went through a lot of changes. She saw the rise of the CM/WW and SNS, she saw fellow wizards being in a state of archon form floating around her. She saw ballerinas dancing their way away from her missing all the legendaries a white mob likes to drop. She saw hammers from the sky. Dogs, gas clouds and bears appearing from nothing. Some heroes even left behind a trail of fire in their wake. But in all this time she always tried to stay true to herself and ended up where she is now.

A niche way of playing and slaying the demons of Sanctuary.

She never wanted to freeze her foes - she found that to easy.
She never wanted to be in perma archon form for the fear of loosing touch to reality.

She is what she is today. And now she is at cross roads. She cannot improve any more. She needs the help of a new master and her fellow wizards to find a way forward.

In love of Electrocute's forked lightning she gains life from her echoing fury and the power of blood magic. Raining down ice to feed her cold blood and calling upon a meteor trying to bring down the sky to the forces of hell. As a prodigy of the arcane arts - with help of her beloved Electrocute - she gains power to do this over and over again. A force field protects her from foes and for a quick exit a wormhole can be opened.

In all her travels she found, sold, bought, found, sold and bought many things. She traded with fellow demon slayers to be the best she could.

Being able to put on full magic find gear on a power level of 7 and soloing 8 with her current gear. Group play in MP10 as well as ubers in MP10 she is looking for ways to improve and stay true to her way.

She is calling upon her fellow wizards to help her find the way out of the darkness into the light.


A different wizard build being able to solo MP8 and group MP10 as well as ubers. Survivability is key. But I would appreciate some critic or help and tips on improving my gear. Shifting stats around to increase DPS but keep EHP. Also playing around with the skills without getting to far away from what she is now.

Add me in game if you want to run with me.
Looking forward for your ideas!
Kudos to you for trying to find your own path.

May I suggest Ice Armor: Frozen Storm in place of Prismatic Armor?
Also, since your are using a non-freeze build (and therefore getting hit a lot) and have lifesteal,
Malakai has shown me the power of Storm Armor: Reactive Armor.

I am a fan of skills that provide offense and defense at the same time.

Good luck!

Thanks. I will look into those 2 options. Also I think I can drop Galvanizing Ward as my LS is probably enough. When using either Storm or Ice it probably makes sense to use Blur.

Also - do you guys think changing Blood Magic to Force Weapon raising DPS further which then benefits LS would make sense?
Way to take the road less traveled Robert Frost style. You should give it a clever name like "Impactful Forking in the Snow" and post it to the sticky.
Swap out Galvanizing Ward for Arcane Dynamo. You should be able to build 5 stacks pretty fast with Forked Lightning, so almost every Blizzard and Meteor you cast with be boosted by 75%.
Definitely drop galvanized, it’s kind of pointless for any build besides perma-archon. I’d probably go with glass cannon or arcane dynamo instead. Also, I think I would just stick with blood magic instead of going for force weapon.

On a side note, I liked the write-up heh. Entertaining morning read while I avoid working.
Good job on the poem.

Get either an APoC helm or an APoC source, then you can sustain meteors with meteors. I suggest a good, rare, wizard hat with all resistance, intel, cc, socket, and max AP. A storm crow would also be better than an Andy's.
Just had a quick test before going to work:

Arcane Dynamo definitely makes sense. Constantly on 5 due to the lightning

I will test with glass canon as well but I dropped prismatic and everything became very squishy due to the drop of armour and all resist

I think I can't get rid of prismatic in higher MPs as I like playing MP7 in full MF gear as well. And this gear drops my EHP and DPS quite a bit.

Definitely going to buy a storm crow. Just checked the AH quickly. With >90 int,6cc and 8% damage bonus my DPS only drops around 2.5k. It is not going to be cheap but I will have a look. Okay. I will loose the socket for my gems but then I can always swap the helmets depending on the runs I do.

Thanks so far! That helped me a lot getting my head around.
Keep it coming!

She appreciates it.
06/25/2013 08:25 AMPosted by ChangBooster
Way to take the road less traveled Robert Frost style. You should give it a clever name like "Impactful Forking in the Snow" and post it to the sticky.

I will. Need to play around with skills a little more as suggested. And going to hunt for a storm crow tonight. What about "The Blizzard with a fork"?
06/25/2013 02:05 PMPosted by Smartdrive
Way to take the road less traveled Robert Frost style. You should give it a clever name like "Impactful Forking in the Snow" and post it to the sticky.

I will. Need to play around with skills a little more as suggested. And going to hunt for a storm crow tonight. What about "The Blizzard with a fork"?

I had a very similar build (AD + Blizzard/Meteor.)

Called it "Forked Meteor." Fun build, but not particularly strong.
I am also contemplating buying a SoJ to fit with my wizard for elite hunting. Would need to swap with my Wailing Host depending on situation and the run I am doing.

What you guys think about that?
Got home and bought a Storm Crow (and a Stone of Jordan with 10% Electrocute damage).
Dropped Prodigy for Glass Cannon
Dropped Galvanizing Ward for Arcane Dynamo
Then I did a couple of runs:

My findings:

Wearing the Storm Crow (not the Stone of Jordan):
MP7 full MF gear: I still hardly die, mobs die quicker, can spam Meteors more due to the Storm Crow

MP8 solo: I still hardly die, mobs die quicker, can spam Meteors more due to the Storm Crow

Wearing the Storm Crow and the SoJ in place of my MF ring on MP7:
I loose 5% MF but Elites die so much quicker - but I have to take care not to throw a 5 Arcane Meteor on Reflects - I can die instantly

All in all this is an improvement so far
With the current skill setup I gained 30k DPS. I dropped in Armor and Resist but I still survive just fine.

Have to test this and play around more in MP10 group play and Ubers. But so far so good.

Thanks to Weasel765 - it was not cheap but it was totally worth it. The Storm Crow that is.
Nice storm crow, the cc on the helm with APoC for meteors. Another necessary part for meteor builds is astral presence, it gives extra max AP and AP regen, you should give it a try.

People tend to eat a lot of ranged attacks with meteor builds, which is why you want high HP. This is where storm crows become a problem, you have to choose between the two and it becomes hard to balance dps and ehps. However, there is more flexibility with a rare wizard hat. They may be harder to find, but you can stay alive longer while doing more damage while not giving up APoC. Since there is not a strong market for them, they can be hard to find, but you can get lucky and get one for 20 mill if you do enough searches.

Try this AH search for a wizard hat:

1. 150 intel
2. 50 all resistance
3. 9-10 APoC
4. 5% cc
5. max AP

Just did a search. There are few and very expensive. But I think with the help of this thread I am in a better space now.

I was also contemplating Astral Presence. Will give this a try. And do some extensive farming on the weekend and see how everything works together.

Maybe I put the build also in the build compendium.
Did some more runs.
With the new setup I can spam Meteors now. Especially when I am surrounded by mobs.
MP8 solo not a problem any more. It was squishy beforehand.

MP10 Ubers feel easier now. MP10 farming in a group is still squishy though.
Having lost the socket with the Storm Crow for gems does not make a difference as well. Paragon levelling still feels the same way. Also don't need life % when doing Ubers. So all good it seems.

Thanks again for all the advice.
Keep it coming if you like.
Good job on the upgrade.

Over 200 dps with a meteor build, I bet stuff just melts on mp 8.

I noticed your dodge is 23%, is fighting ranged enemies like spear throwers any easier with high dodge?
Actually ranged attacks are my biggest weakness. Especially from the spear throwing goats and the fire spitting Moloks.

Having said that a good amount of dodge like this does help in some situations where you just don't take any damage when you dodge from heavy hitters like the sledge wielders. Can't remember their name now.
Cool wizard. I run blizzard and meteor as well although my funky build is a bit different than yours.

As for advice you might want to try finding a way around using astral presence so that you can free that slot for something more useful.

Hmmm, I see why you need astral presence now. It's not just for AP regeneration. Your AP pool is crippled by prismatic armor and like me you cast big expensive spells. I actually used to run prodigy with prismatic armor at one point for similar reasons.

You could try switching out prismatic armor for ice armor with crystallize. So long as you remember to keep it stacked they are quite comparable defensively but it saves your AP pool from taking a hit.

You could also switch out the Triumverate for a good Tal Rasha's with APOC and a bonus on meteor, blizzard or electrocute. It will give your meteor +3% dmg bonus from the Tal Rasha set. It will regenerate your AP faster than astral presence by a considerable margin and it will give you a solid bonus on one of your primary attack spells.

If you did this and switched out prismatic armor for ice armor you could then use the passive slot astral presence occupied for more damage such as conflagration or more defense such as blurr.

Since its range that is giving you issues illusionist might be a better idea for defense. You could use illusionist and switch out your teleport rune to safe passage. This will let you spam teleport whenever you take damage and it will give you a serious defense bonus afterwards. Basically every time you see your teleport cool down reset either naturally or from damage you can use teleport to reposition yourself and armor up again. Safe passage provides a very strong defense while it lasts.

One last piece of advice. You might want to consider trying to craft some shoulder armor since the Vile Ward isn't that hard to beat thanks to the massive guaranteed stat roll on the crafted int or vit shoulders. It's guaranteed you will get either your choice of an intelligence or vitality roll well over 200 plus 5 more random rolls. Then again you do have a nice Vile Ward already so it might not be worth the risk.
Thanks @MeltingSky

Your name basically dictates using meteors. :)

I will look into your suggestions and report back as I am running different gear setups (full DPS and full MF) with various MP levels and report back.
I'm quite curious about your setup and how well it works in-game. If you get a chance I'd like to run with you a bit with my WD since it seems like his and Arya's playstyles would work well together. Time will tell though ;)

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