D3 console buzz flatlined - what's next Blizz?

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So all the noise about porting the game over to console post-E3 is now dwindled down to a mere pulse.

This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone - porting a >1 yr old game isn't headline news. When it hit's the PS4 new buzz may be generated but I can't seeing it being any different than what it is now.

So what is next Blizz ?

Please let it be D3 xpack for Q3 2013 - D3 needs to be resurrected from the dead and taken on a journey down the rabbit hole !
I don't think they care about this game anymore to be honest. So I wouldn't expect much
This is something for people with Blizz Bucks to cash out to, buy the game then sell it on ebay.
name another game theres a lot of buzz about post e3 lol.

they dont say anything if theres nothing new to say lol

what do you expect, a daily reminder?

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