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haha yeah left handed prices jeezus :P
but nikki is getting all the good !@#$ ay its crazy..and she not even playing :-)

LOL all these wins kinda make up for not being able to play. Least I can log in to collect my wins now ...most of the time :P

Awesome stream DJ, keep up the good work and sweet giveaways!
Lefties FTW!

Gratz on win, time to gear a Wizard or Witch Doctor now hey?

Bad move selling that Mempo to DJDAN Jof, even at rip off left handed price haha.

hey i said 63m and he proceeds to gives 65m, notgoingtocomplain
and now nikki has a 1b wd too as of yesterday :L
lol jof consider that 2mill a donation hahah

guys come and check it out we got heaps of giveaways tonight including gold and unids..

will be starting at about 7ppm aest until late so stop by make sure ur following the stream to WIN

DJ - would love to watch some of your streams... problem is that it takes up precious game time.

Any chance you could stream some during the day :) Work time = forums and streams... suppose I should add some work there too.
i do stream sometimes during the day nick but most people are viewing from australia so evening nights are better for streaming. :-)
3 way stream LIVE now. 3 x the giveaways, 3 times the fun. Come join the fun!
just letting all the viewers know that i have a token system now called vinyl records come check it out been doing tons of giveaways gold & unids...if you stop by let me know that your from aus/nz forums and i can give you some vr to start you off in the stream.anyways enjoy will be streaming very soon.
My landline internet is stuffed at the moment, using wireless for now.

And don't have enough data to watch stream.

But keepplaying left handed and represent them to the end of time my friend
left handed internet :D
yes still going strong! :D
even though our community is dying

..anyways come chill in the stream anytime.
and make sure u say hi
07/02/2013 08:14 PMPosted by Archimonde

In Australia we don't use hands...

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