New to HC

new to HC.

Read the tips, disabled windows update (after I JUST got my lvl 60 dead (my first))
took out the windows key

broke as hell, farming NM with a lvl 45 (my 2nd char since first died on sunday), I just spent all my gold on gearing and then bam, dead.

im selling the few essences I have, and tomes, but ive got like 1.5M on me, aka nothing.

Anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get some gold or starter gear just to be able to play inferno mp0/1 and not have to be stuck in NM forever when I hit 60 (ill hit it tonight after work)

any suggestions would be more than welcomed. TY
Hey, I'm kinda new to HC too. I have had 1.5M gold just a couple of times... You can easily gear for MP0 act1 inferno with that. Probably act2 also.

I'm nervous about going to act3 as the last time I tried it, I got perma frozen with WOTB on cooldown and died. I was only paragon 6, but it hurt to lose that gear.

So I think it's pretty easy to get to inferno act1, but upgrades feel like they get expensive very quickly after that.
I'm new to HC and I only have 100,000 gold. Don't sweat it.
When you hit 60, let me know and I'm sure I have some gear in my stash that you could definitely use. I might not have a complete set, but it'll be good enough for you to get into inferno.

Have fun and stay safe!
grind dude. basically, you are saying will everyone give me freebies so that i dont have to do the work that everyone else had to do to get where they are.

bonus: in doing all that work, you will learn how not to die. good luck sir.

mostly long time players shouldnt help IMO until someone is at least early paragons, because a) everyone should have to learn the hard way, and b) we only save gear for level 60 players so we couldnt help even if we wanted to.
1.5 million is more than enough for a reduced level weapon which will let you breeze up to inferno.
Thanks planch!

and yeah, I did the grind, solo, no plvling, full self found

and then died due to update.

07/03/2013 10:17 AMPosted by Daihinmin
1.5 million is more than enough for a reduced level weapon which will let you breeze up to inferno.

As far as WOTB on cooldown, this almost never happens to me. I see quite a few Barbs using WOTB on every elite they see in Pubs. It should be saved for your emergency Oh!@#$ button.

To the OP, I prefer using 1hander and shield when leveling. The rest I just buy the cheapest on AH with vita/main stat I can. Saves you the headache when shopping for upgrades. When you are lvl 42+ buy a reduced lvl 1hander and reduced level shield, this will be your best investments for leveling.
TY musch

never thought of a reduced lvl shield

good call
Welcome to Hardcore, nivektuk. Losing your first 60 while it's still fresh is rough, but I'm willing to bet that you'd find a lot of help in public games if you haven't been doing them already. If you decide to give them a go then be sure to be careful with using banners to teleport to comrades, and keep an eye out for the "in combat" icons for your party. The tips thread for staying alive in HC is also a helpful thing to read. Good luck!
Not a gold making tip, but if you've just started playing HC, I recommend rolling an alt with casual leveling while you still have your main alive. Oh believe me when I say this, but you're going to die no matter what. But having your somewhat leveled alt to back you up will really help you get past the death of your main.

I have an alt monk @ 30 that I was making while I went with barb, but I still love the barb more

ill defly use and lvl the alt, ill need to, to get gold lol.

HC community >>>>>> SC community
When you get to Inferno, you can consider selling your Leoric's Signet. The Bonus XP roll is on the slow side but it could still get you some start up millions.

Other than that, you can definitely gear to survive MP1 for 1.5 mil. I helped a barb friend gear for 1 mil and we got him doing MP0 comfortably and MP1 well enough. He was hurting for DPS a little in MP 1, but I suggest going for survivability first.

Don't be afraid to be decked out in all rares for a while. We stacked him up on armor, LoH, life regen, resistances, and vitality and %life. You want to get to where you can survive MP comfortably, then start farming there. Then try to add DPS without giving up survivability so you can farm faster.

Having a good understanding of what rares you can sell on the AH will help you too. Getting 10mil for a rare weapon you would have otherwise smashed/vendored is good.

Until you can afford to craft, you can grind Inferno MP0 for tomes and crafting mats to sell. They might not be hugely profitable, but you can make a few million pretty quickly.
Hell mode act 3 is a good farming ground pre-inferno. You can bump up the mp level as you upgrade if you wish or continue to inferno mp 0.

You can scan the AH. Just to give you an idea, I won a bid at 3M for a Won Khim Lau that sold fast at 50M. I frequently win 1M bids that sell for 3-15M. Just a word of caution. You must know what people like and must know the current market price. I usually do my AH flipping at the start of the game. Then I just spend the rest of my time farming/grinding para.

A few rares that you can sell quite nicely are level reduced gear, specifically weapons but others sell well. Obviously a lvl 2 reduced isn't that great but if you land a lvl 12+ with decent stats, it can sell for quite a bit.

You can farm flawless gems in hell slowly and sell them as well.

Engage in forums. I won a starter monk set that I still have and will upgrade it before I release it back to the community. Or you can start a new thread about how to gear for inferno mp0/1 with X amount of budget. People can help you by listing the stats by slot and price on current AH. This will give you an idea on how to shop and build your char.

There are so many ways the community can help but you just got to be specific. Obviously the "give me gold my character died" will not work so well (not saying you are doing that).
Look at the vendors. Yes, really.

You want:

Jewelry with average damage and sockets.
Armor with vit, sockets.
Armor with high prime stat/vit.
Weapons with sockets.

For socketed stuff the lower level it is the better (min 15) though higher level socketed stuff is also good depending on stats.

If you find a qualifying item buy several of it (they have unlimited stock).

List one on AH (if you've done this even remotely correctly comparable items are anywhere from 2-20x what you paid or more). Undercut a little. Wait.

Fast money? Not really. Easy money? Sure. Your drops you're not using will yield better results but I just walked in HC and started making gold just because I knew what low and mid level items were good. It's enough to get started even when you have nothing, so it's also enough if you do have some resources.
I have my demon hunter in act three inferno with enough to probably beat the game. I've never had more than about 500k in gold. Won some decent items other people just weren't bidding on. Minimal farming.
Send me a request.


I'll help you any way i can.
Sorry to hear about your loss!

I'm new to HC too and moving really carefully. My main is a lvl 37 WD and alt is lvl 16 Monk.

Every time I go back to town I drop off any gear or items I think might be useful when I die - and I know I will at some point.

HC is a really nerve racking way to play IMO, but it's fun too. I shouldn't play drunk though!
nivektuk If you need any help in hardcore Add me ihustle#1545
I'll keep you alive

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