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Hi there,
Couple hours ago i posted my Talisman idea on diablofans, becouse i can post images there and i want to share it with you guys.
Link to reddit topic (number 1 right now)

What do you think about it?

If you like the idea i wouldn't mind +1 :)
Aside from the spelling errors, I like the idea.
The talisman, as it was when we last saw it officially, was a messy, disorganized and inelegant solution to giving players more customization over their characters.
Although, in my opinion, I feel like whatever new means of customization we get should be less stat focused and more focused on changing up builds.
Equipment already scratches the itch of boosting my primary stat, increasing my magic find and the like, I'd much rather see things that give me bonuses similar to the traits Blizzard had planned earlier on (like giving a bonus to damage if wielding one weapon in your right hand), or similar to passives (like giving extra buffs when you pick up health globes, or increased stat regen when wielding a shield, etc.)
I generally agree with you. That's why i tried give to charms charges. The most important tho is that charges has to be something more that items we have now. They should has something new.
Thanks for feedback

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