Who are the most respected Witch Doctors?

Witch Doctor
In my travels through the forums, there are names that come up consistently. Players that, through their many posts, show their excellence in the game. Excellence in terms of knowledge of the game, in terms of skill in game play, and also in their willingness to devote their time and attention to help others.

And so, I am wondering if one were to make a list of say the 10 leading Witch Doctor, who these players might be. And when I say leading, I’d like to break this up into two categories.

1. Most knowledgeable players, both in terms of the Witch Doctor class but also of the game overall.
2. Most skilful players. Not necessarily the most well geared players but players with the most skill, no matter what their gear level. Certainly this is not to exclude well geared players but I am thinking in terms of pure skill.

Who do you think are the best of the best in these two categories?
There are so many that are so helpful to fellow WDs...skywalkerfx, trefynwyd, paul, eremiteangel, luffy, fabby, darkvoid... to name just a few. There are also a lot of well geared and knowledgeable folk that dont even post on these forums.
Hi KurOsawa

Thanks for your response. My apologies, I probably should explain further.

Most of you would not know me as I am predominantly a Barbarian. A while a go, I put together a Barbarian Challenge pitting the best Barbarians together and I have, I think, an interesting concept for a new Challenge involving all the classes.

Please understand though that my aim is not to show the dominance or otherwise of any class or classes above others. I actually hope that it will also be an educational experience for all involved, myself included. The players though will need to be flexible.

As an exercise in itself though, I think a list of opinions might be interesting. Obviously opinions will differ.

So the question is, putting together a team of the 10 best players in these categories, whom would you choose to represent you?
1. Heyguyslol
2. Diego
3. inventor of bear build
06/27/2013 02:47 AMPosted by Morpheus
So the question is, putting together a team of the 10 best players in these categories, whom would you choose to represent you?

I'd defer to the WDs that have been around a lot longer than I have to name the players for this. But your competition sounds interesting, would like to know more.
I'd like to give a special mention for Jimbob, who has looked into the profiles of many individual WDs and helped us all to deal with the inferno madness. He's like the doctor curing the ailments of doctors :)
@ kurOsawa

I'm still in the process of putting things in place and so am not certain as to the extent of the Challenge as yet but I will be providing further details and asking for input shortly. Please bear with me until then :).

@ PaulNg

Thank you Sir, duly noted, as is your name on kurOsawa's list :)
1. chuck
10. norris

...but chuck norris doesnt come to the forums, the forum goes to him :P

ya sadly most of the good old schoolers have retired :(


your dual wield vs skorn competition was a blast (im a closet barb lol) so good luck on this one and i'd be rooting for death's wd haha



1. chuck
2. that guy with a doomhammer
3. heyguyslol
4. martin
5. impking
6. barry
skywalkerfx has helped the community quite a bit aswell. the sticky guide to builds and wd general guides was placed and organized by him if im not mistaken. basically making a lot of wd info easy to find and well organized. my 2 cents.
1) skywalker (forum won't be the same without him)
2) surijak (very good feedback and points in many threads)
3) luffy (thank you for bringing back the shield =D)
did anybody forget about rakimallah? lols
I will list the people/WDs I respect the most and whom I think has contributed much.

1. ChuckNorris - This guy is a pvp king. He has extensive knowledge on all characters and basically I would choose him to represent the WD class. And prolly Hassansabbah..

2. Sayga - This guy has mastered the bats build long before the buffs. A lot of people ridiculed him but he did a good job with the bats build IMO. I respect this guy lots~

3. Knarf - This guy is my friend and one of the strongest WD's I've partied with. Enlightened me a lot regarding the WD class

4. Rakimallah - This guy is one of the TOP WD's out there. And for one, his build was the only one that made sense to me from the top WDs on Diabloprogress. All the others were just paper... and honestly, I first built my bears doctor around his build.

5. Mawts - Though many of you might not know this guy... This guy inspired my very first build as a WD... The Witch Proctor.

6. skywalkerfx - He organizes a lot of stuff and all. He also has extensive knowledge regarding the clas...I do not agree with everything he says though~ *Peace*

7. Zekromancer / Vallonz - His gear...it's just... omg...

8. Grimiku - I seem to think he represents our class while Wyatt represents the DH, Jay Wilson the barb... Wizzies and Monks got so little love..I do not know who plays them in Blizz...

9. EremiteAngel - Because I like his WD setup. I find it boring to see almost all WD's with the same bats build and skorn setup.

10. Viral - This is one of the most awesome WDs out there! Drrururururururrurururururururu~

Lastly, I just want to say that there are a lot of false information going around and that some WDs already embrace for it to be FACT. I urge all WD's to challenge the information brought to you and not merely accept everything as facts - therefore test these things yourself and not merely rely on what was brought forth in these messed up forums. :D

Peace out!!!
no love for soundb? lols

ya raki is sittin on my offline list 50d12h :/ boo!
raki got banned >.<
rockon87 has also given some great advice and has a great understanding of the class
I'm going to have to say this guy IPawnU happens to be THE BEST WD around. Hands down the best WD I have ever seen.
I am going to have to vote for skywalkerfx. His contributions to the forums are fantastic.

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