ISO Help on PvP Char - DH

I'm looking for someone who understands the gearing / speccing of a PvP DH. I need someone to kind of tell me what I'm looking for as far as gearing goes, I can afford the very best gear, so I need someone to basically point me in the direction of a BiS list if at all possible

Do u at least have a DH? Could not find it in your profile.

Anyway, you need:

Manticore with 2 sockets, dex and 1300+ dmg (2b for that)
Nats full set
Vile ward with dex, vit, ar
you could use Blackthorne's pants and belt (or Witching Hour belt and good dex, vit, ar pants with 2 sockets, also good inna's temperance).
Other useful resources:

PvP section in Oscar's Common DH Builds Guide

Iria's article on Gearing a DH for PvP

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