RMAH SMS Problem - Anyone else having this problem?

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Hi all, thanks for continuing to update the thread. We are continuing to monitor the situation: So far, it's been happening infrequently and across various regional accounts (using different carriers).

To those affected by this, we thank you for your continued patience! Please know that we will continue to try and figure out why some players are not receiving these codes, and/or are being re-prompted to enter them.

I will be here throughout the day and will be sure to offer any updates that I receive.
Germany - O2
broken, no sms
Hmmm well on my phone SMS does not work and hasn't been for 2 days now and currently is trapped on another account that is locked due to suspicious activity which I assume is because of all this SMS stuff. When I use my girlfriends or moms phone on this account it both works on theirs my mom has same carrier as I do.
But it still asks for a new SMS code every different auction I put up
this is happening to me also. it work then stop and now i dont even get any code. i want to remove something that is useless and is broken. unless i can fix it but in this case i cant so i rather remove it. ill add it back in when it is working again. so if an employee see this please remove it for me because i cant without the code and i cant even get the code to remove it.
The challenge with this is that the SMS system is dependent on external providers, and that can make these types of issues a bit more challenging to get resolved expediently. I've just updated our internal ticket about the issue letting our teams know that this thread continues to be updated.

I will continue to drop in and provide updates for as long as I see the reports. As soon as I know of anything more, you can be sure I'll communicate that here.
Happening to me too. Suddenly wants me to verify SMS for posting an RMAH item. It isn't my cell provider either, I been texting with others all day ;)
The only problem I have with the RMAH SMS is that I'm using someone else's phone (I don't have one myself). Therefore sometimes I can't use it (unless I borrow the phone for a couple of days) but if I wait for a few days, it stops asking for a code and I can use the RMAH again.
Still broken here. Still can't add my phone number back to the account. Blizzard's database still thinks my phone is a prepaid phone.

I'm tempted to switch carriers and get a new phone but I would need to keep my old phone number. I'm guessing that this would not solve my issue. Any thoughts, or has anyone tried this?
This has to be something on their end not ours. The blizzard rep I chatted with said that was the case hopefully they figure it out soon.
Having the same problem too. Requires sms confirmation for each item to be posted on RMAH. Prior to maintenance last Tues, this was non issue.

In Australia, carrier provider Hucthinson 3
I've tried every day since Tuesday. It is still not working. Every time I attempt to put up a RMAH item, it asks for the code, however will not send a code to my phone. No matter how many times I try, or how many times I press the "resend" button.

Occasionally when trying this, I get a error message #32124

Still problem, nothing has changed. Please help!!!

been 5days + already..
wow it has already been close to a week and nothing has been fix. this is really annoying to deal with
same here. T-mobile USA, wont receive code, but my other account use AT&T USA, working just fine.
Having this issue of error 32124 for a few days now
- I am in New Zealand if that helps diagnose at all
Any updates? or do we have to live with this problem forever :/

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