Max damage with 0 dogs

Witch Doctor
What's the highest damage anyone has gotten with a 0 dogs build.

I'm a little over 200k with 0 dog gear, but 300k in bearspam mode so apart from how helpful it is feeding a party with globes, the dogs aren't really worth it.

Anyone know how high you can get with 0 dogs, and at what point the effective dps in that build is really worthwhile?
I've seen one of the best Zer0-dog players top out at 242k unbuffed.

Their DPS output is on par with COB and ZB. Just overall harder and more gear specific to gear than COB and ZB.

Certainly out DPS your OOM Doctor. ;)
Oh I know what people say about pierce the veil and bears, but with Zuni, Vision Quest, and Haunt, he sustains perfectly well and can use the occasional bear-break to refresh manitou and the mana builders.

0 dog just doesn't seem that good for damage, the time between each summon/'splode cycle is what hurts it for me. It does have that crazy nice synergy with gruesome feast though.
This guys is generally considered the best 0 dogger -

He isn't wearing his gear but I'm sure he'll switch back at some point. I believe he maxed out at 230k dps, which is absolutely ridiculous when you consider how bad the items are that are required for the dogs build. Getting 230k dps on a wd is an achievement on its own; doing it with 3 gimped items is damn near impossible. And at 230k dps, I'm sure there are very few situations on mp10 that trouble him.

At the highest levels of gearing 0 dogs is actually quite weak. It can't make use of GI, which drastically reduces the ability to keep group buffs up. It is still awesome when paired with another wd (who wouldn't like max GF at all times?), but in most other scenarios bats will win out.
ilvl 63 Homonculous 300 average damage = win.....

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