Rate the monk above you, V-I Do Infact Lift

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Nice monk man super similar to my own. Id maybe look at changing the witching hour out for inna's Favor. Otherwise nice work. 9/10
Why do you alternate Ruby and Emerald?
luucious, your setup is very interesting. 500ish res with 6100 armor. I like it. One of the main things i noticed was that you could have AR/arcane res on your shoulders. maybe craft some of those! I like your spec too, tanky stun spam haha

my profile shows ef/rare but i have a 6/25/3/os wkl that i like to use too.
Thx Nicolea, been debating if i should go dw, but i like the play style of the SnB. I enjoy playing with EP. I kill elites pretty fast that way. I have been unlucky in crafting better shoulders and or gloves. Looking for a good mempo CC 6% they are so expensive.
Yeah... they really are not cheap. But 29-31% life compared to 48 vit... you would see a big increase in health there.

8.9/10. Good gear. balanced.
bumping myself
@Dark, everything pretty good except your health - you need more of it. 7/10 (get 20K more health and it'll be a 9/10)


Nice gear, but OwE is kinda wasted as you got 3 different resists. Also, 33k HP and single LS is way too glassy. 8/10

(By the way guys, my skills are not what I use generally, so please comment on that, I generally use a bell spam build, hence the stat-stick EF and high dmg spear.)
Why do you alternate Ruby and Emerald?

coz bell>bell>bell!


Nice balance monk. You have potential to get rid of OWE. (8/10)
8/10 nice setup, I would say replace one of those sword for an EF.

Very nice Hellfire and Andariel's. Double life steal, almost 300k dmg, fast ias and good AR must make mp10 a cakewalk for you. 10/10

I feel that your monk is well balance and tight on upgrades, however
there are some room for dex upgrades for the right hand and pants.


I like the mods on your Shen build especially the Andy's. Get that life pool up! 250k is just around the corner.


Man, I gotta rate the captain? With the best shenlongs set? Like ever?


For next person, be easy on my HC lady :)

ps, rate tribell as she is still alive, lol!

Sorry for your loss. HC is something serious. Tribell is strong and the only thing i can add is maybe to upgrade to +armor on some of your inna's and more life regen or life on hit.


Well balanced, Good vit, would like to see higher aps. Aps are at 2.17/2.17
ManU I want your amulet. Give it to me!

I've seen a lot of monks now using the tal rasha chest. Why is that? Because of the IAS?

thx man, shenlong rox


awesome nats


Nice Shenlong Monk, but try to increase your hp. (8.2/10)

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