4172 DEX

Demon Hunter
Broke 4k!...now to 5k..not sure how but will get there, whats the highest DEX you have seen?

But.. I don't think he's good at anything else other than his Dex.

EDIT: He has 1.1m eHP though :)
Yup there you go it can be done..nice..more work to do!
@4000+ dex you'd see 1m crit on Trash! :D (RF : bombardment)

I tried a 4k Dex setup, lost some EHP and DPS by removing Mempho, gained a lot of dex from nats 3-part bonus.

Setup works well for trash mobs but elites kill time is bad. Setup is not really recommended but its good if you wanna farm white mobs only.

SoJ is still best for overall farming efficiency.

Nyan has over 9000 dex in rl. Do I count?
Wasn't it 19k dex? Did you double that EHP again? :)
I got a purple board and stilk remain max cc on bait the trap =D

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