Sentry Windforce build?

Demon Hunter
Hey guys,

I finally got my demon hunter to 60 after about a week and after fooling around with some builds using manticore, I realized that I was still getting rocked at higher MP's and if I wanted to increase my survivability my eDPS would be garbage.

With 15M left in my 80 million budget, I snagged the best windforce I could afford and experimented with a sentry build. I was wondering if any of you guys have tried this build before and whether you have any input as to how effective it is.

Bola Shot - Bitter Pill
Spike Trap - Echoing Blast

Preparation - Focused Mind
Shadow Power - Gloom
Sentry - Spitfire Turret
Rain of Vengeance - Deadly Bombs

Night Stalker
Custom Engineering.

Basically the way I've been playing this is dropping all of your initial hatred on one sentry and 3 traps while popping gloom then placing sentries when they come back off cooldown. I'll use rain of vengeance if I encounter heavy mob density or elite packs. To my surprise, I was finding that monsters were dying ALOT faster than when I was using manticore and I had absolutely ZERO RESOURCE ISSUES.

If I got an unlucky streak with night stalker and ended up with low discipline, preparation would be up and it would cover me until well after my next unlucky streak. Now I know that the idea of having to place down three sentries is not really appealing to most but alternating it with spamming traps at a faster attack speed while virtually never running out of hatred if you weave bola shots in between actually seems to work pretty efficiently. Your sheet DPS (epeen) will also suffer with this build but honestly the gameplay feels so much more dynamic and rewarding to me.

I went from struggling to efficiently farm MP5 and MP6 to now comfortably and efficiently farming MP8 and MP9. The game play is a lot more fun compared to the slow manticore and Windforce just looks a hell of a lot more badass in my opinion :D.

Anyone else recently been tired of using manticore and tried something like this?
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Skill Build :!eYU!ccbabb

Playstyle :
Holy cow I bet those sentries hit a like freight train.
feel free to read up on all our previous sentry threads regarding gear, skills and whatnot (mechanics) :p

I think i'v made much older sentry threads as well, back when I used windforce etc.

Enjoy the turret! Also, do spend some time fiddling with both hatred builders and spenders, along with sentry runes! There's alot of variation! As you can see, most of us use very different gears and skill setups (me and mao for example, being pretty high end sentry nerds lol)!


NOTE: I'm on the EU server, hence why you might get that boring "character not found" site popping up if you intend on spying on my bling ^^

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