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Is the auction house broken. Everytime I try bidding on the auction house I keep getting the message outbid but the amount I bid is the same amount that is bidded. Is this an auction house error. Can some one from Blizzard Please help me. I am playing on a mac.
Hey Severus, is this happening across several different items or for repeated attempts with the same auction?
well I tried bidding on 20 items today and its happening to me on all bids.
Well, keep this in mind: if a player's max bid is higher that what your attempted bid is, then you're going to get this message. We don't display what players' max bids are for the auctions, so that could be what's causing some confusion. Your last 6 bids look like they were for the same item, and for the same amount.

Since we don't have any other reports of similar issues happening, my suggestion would be to try and bid a higher amount and see if that works.
Here is a pic of what is happening.

this is happening to me on every item that I bid on.
It's not an error it's how the AH works. You're just not bidding high enough to out bid the maximum bid someone has already placed. I suggest reading the AH FAQ and learning how proxy bids work in this AH.

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