Which monster affix would you want in real life?

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Reflect damage, sure thing
I wanna BLIZZ to feel my pain and wrath when i am playing....
07/08/2013 02:54 PMPosted by TheSaint
This games rating should have been G, seriously what monster affix would I be? I feel like I am reading a question from a 10 year old's power fantasy. Superman, or Batman? Questions like these are an intellectual monolith of the human condition. It is indeed a sad day when the majority of these questions are all ego driven, they have no rhyme or reason. No direction, no purpose other then to supplement the arrogance of the average twit whom believes the world revolves around, and for Blizzard use as a coddling device. The Matrix Has You...

how dare you compare this game to superman or batman , i enjoyed both of those characters immensely !
Could you Diablo blues tell the WoW blues to be this much more interactive with the community please?
Illusionist - Then I could have multiple clones of myself to get my day job done in about 1/4th the time, leaving me more time to play Diablo. *smirk*

06/27/2013 08:31 PMPosted by DethAxe
easily teleport


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