Need advice to reach 200K Damage Unbuffed

Witch Doctor
Hello, fellow Witch Doctors! I am in need of some advice so that I would reach 200K+ unbuffed.

Would anyone be so kind and tell me which stats I need to focus on at the moment, slot by slot?

Do you think it's worth sacrificing the Zunimassa 4/4 Set bonus for a ring that gives +8-13K damage? I mean mana regen-wise, when you tend to pull lots of mobs. I can't find a good Zunimassa's Pox that doesn't cost a fortune.

Any comments are greatly appreciated! Here's my WD

At the moment I'm 25 Paragon. Only 75 levels now huh.

Thanks in advance.
1: loose PtV - now. Immediatly. Im sorry but at the moment your to well geared to use it, and both, not well geared enough to use it. (its an very early use, or very endgame skill, not a "mid-doc" skill

Dont break Zuni 4pc. If you look at most of the "top docs" 99% are running zuni 4pc. Its a WD set for a reason. Yes its kinda OP, but thats why most WD's use it.

Ok i will give critique on your gear 1st, then look at your build in a sec :)

Hat - Good for now. Can be updated later - higher Crit Chance, higher Int.

Shoulders - Good.

Gloves - Good

Boots - are decent. 8% poison, high int/vit with AR and/or armor Very low Vit you have on them, but your life overall is decent.

Pants - Yuck. Blackthorns or rares with high int/vit/ar and armor (sockets bonus)

Belt - Good for now

Chest - Good

Ammy - Crit chance. you can get 10% extra CC here. and you have 0% cc on ammy. HUGE DAMAGE is missing.

Bracers - good for now.

Your rings are decent. are OK for now.

OK things to look for.

As far as i can see, you have no pickup. WD get their damage buffs mainly from health globes. We dont have a "moving while attacking skill" i.e Barbs whirlwind / monks Fists Of Thunder / Thunderclap. So to get "buffed" you will need to run directly over a globe, and while doing so you will not be attacking. This is a bad thing.

Look to get 1 piece of gear with +health globes on it. As we normally run with a large pickup radius to get buffs, any +health globe gear will up your survivability HUGE.

Your AR looks ok. I think around the 500-600 mark maybe from my rough addition? Ideally you will want about 750-900 or so (my personal preference) and around 4k armor.

Ok, you need some life sustain. Very badly. Life steal is ideal for most skills, Life on hit for acid cloud or rain of toads works best.

Buildwise. Its honestly with your gearing at moment, your passives are ....... useless.

No pickup radius and run GF + GI. Then you also run PtV. Honestly? at moment you might as well run no passives as they are doing nothing.

I am going to guess at the moment you are farming mp3<>mp7 (i wouldnt go higher honestly)

I would suggest this for your gear level for a build @ moment :!cUa!cZbaa

Now with BBV, rain dance if have mana issues, slam dance if in a powerful group.

Swap it out for Horrify : Fright Aspect for survivability.

Hex : Jinx would work as well (but its single target, is rare that we fight single targets except for ubers)

Mass Confusion : Paranioa works best Vs groups for a damage buff.

Hope this helps :)

Good Luck. Happy Farming.
Thanks for the tips.

Other pants give me a j15K damage reduction and award me with a few K HP... the loss isn't probably worth it.
please upgrade those gems.

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