Still no Team Deathmatch. I want a refund.

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!@#$ go play your stupid call of duty
Exactly. Blizzard scammed us. False advertising. Pretty much just giving the fan base the finger.

I want my money back Blizzard.

there was no false advertiseing at all, they said it was getting delayed, never on the box did it say it has PVP to begin with, and they are reworking the entire thing because they want it to be good. they gave us brawling to tie us over, and look how many ppl dont like that, this is a solid showing on why it is acually takeing so long.

if you buy a game for pvp only do more research on a product, if you see a post saying it is getting delayed, dont get the game then until it is acually patched in, you bought the product on your own free will, blizz did advertise what was going to be in it, and still working on things they have promised.

TL:DR your not getting a refund no matter how much you complain
I haven't forgotten, I have exceptionally good memory.

Jay Wilson said at BlizzCon 2011, that in order for us to be able to farm in Inferno we are going to have to farm Hell. But then again, when the game was released the gear from Act4 Hell and Act1 Inferno were absolutely insufficient to allow the players to get to Farm Act3. It was an artificial gear gap! That gear gap was completely contrary to what Jay Wilson said at BlizzCon.

I was just saying that Jay said that inferno was gonna be a gear check. When Blizz made that statement in my reply along with Jays proves that you would not need any more skills to be able to clear inferno. I was not talking about any gear gap. I was just using it to say that Jay had said that inferno was gonna be a gear check.

No, that's not what I said at all. I don't think what happened lends any credibility to the testers, I think both the testers and the fundamental design behind Inferno are faulty.
You didn't even bother to comment on the video, so I am going to give you my analysis, based on what I saw:

Look again I say I was not talking about difficulty in the manner you think I was. I was talking about what was being said on the forms. That is totally different than what you are thinking. I was also saying what the testers were saying about the tuning of inferno before it being doubled.

Tell me truthfully did all of the nerfing to inferno actually reverse the doubling that Jay and crew did. If so then that would mean that tuning for inferno was just fine before the doubling. That has nothing at all to do with what you are looking at as far as difficulty. But I could say then if it disturbs you that much I will change my mind and say that there are no games that are difficult unless they have the following.

1 Twitch mechanics
2. Tells that clearly show when a creature launches a special attack.
3. Give the players ways of dealing with those special attacks.
4. The reaction of those special attacks would require perfect timing in order to avoid them.
5. Placement of skills, abilities, powers, etc... also has to be perfect.
6. You have to maintain a perfect balance between attack and defense in order to survive.

In short if a game is not the same level a Dark Souls or Demon Souls then it zero difficulty. Now does that solve the problem.

So that would make the players right that the game would not be any harder than killing the SK on normal. That would mean that this game at launch had zero difficulty that made it a cake walk for a player to start HC and go all the way through inferno without doing any farming or dying once. He could charge head long with reckless abandonment and nothing would happen.

I say that if the team deathmatches are in a state (shelved iteration) that it is obvious that they have been poorly designed like itemization. Then I say that Blizz needs to do something about it.

That is why I said that I would be fine with them copying a pasting Champions Online Hero Games PvP arena I will show you why with two different types of PvP that is available.


The Apocalypse games are scenario games that will put heroes in impossible situations. Unlike the other game types that require player defeats to win the match, the apocalypse scenarios require completion of a special objective.

Apocalypse Stronghold

Apocalypse: Stronghold is a 5v5 scenario where 1 team are the heroes, and the other are the villains, with the villains attempting to escape from the Stronghold Prison. Each side is mirrored with static turrets, respawning NPCs, and a console that allows the occasional summoning of strong signature heroes or villains to aid your side. The first team to defeat both boss heroes/villains of the other side wins. The longer the match goes on, the more experience and acclaim is earned by either side, however even more is earned for winning quickly.

Zombie Apocalypse

The Zombie Apocalypse is a timed scenario that places heroes as the last line of defense for a small town against endless waves of zombies, including the zombies of fallen heroes. Heroes must successfully defend a cabin from the continuous onslaught of zombies for as long as possible. If a hero is defeated, that hero will rise up as a zombie to join the fight against the remaining heroes. When all heroes are converted to zombies or the heroes survive for 20 minutes, the scenario ends. Experience and Acclaim are awarded for time spent as a survivor and for heroes defeated as a zombie.

I actually tried the Zombie Apocalypse and it was a blast. I loved the idea of having an objective based PvP. Where you are not just there to kick the snot out of each other. I never tried the other because it never interested me.
@Noxifer: I wanted to tell you something about myself and I hope I can be able to show how it relates to testers. I learned electronics in school, actually I got an associate's degree in electronic engineering and technology. What I would've done if I was able to get a job as a tech would be the following.

1. The engineers would've handed me a product to test.
2. Then I would test that product to see if it works within the tolerances that the engineers have designed it to work.
3. I would use the blueprint of the product to communicate to the engineers.

My job would not be how could they make the product better or cheaper. My job would be to test the product to see if it meets the engineers standards.

I think that in game testers are no different.

1. They get a game to test.
2. Then they the portions of the game that the developers want them to test.
3. Then they communicate their results to the developers of how well that test went.

Like me they are not there to tell them how to make the game better. They are just there to test the game. Sure the devs might take their feedback with a grain of salt. But they might not take them as seriously as the feedback that comes from the players.

Here is probably how the test with inferno went.

Devs: We want you to test inferno difficulty today.
Testers: Okay we will test inferno today.
Devs: How did the test go today? Does inferno match the specifications that we gave you?
Testers: Inferno test went fine and it is within the specifications that you gave us. So it is tuned just fine.

I really do believe that the nerfed inferno is probably what the testers had tested. If it is so, that means that we are playing the same difficulty that they did. So that would make them right that the pre double it inferno was just right. No I am not talking about difficulty in the same way your are. I am talking about according to the numbers and standards that was pre doubling. Which meant they probably said it does not need to be doubled. Which they would've been proven right if they said that.

I would hope that we hear from the devs concerning PvP. I would like Josh to give us another PvP blog that would update the status of team deathmatches. A blog that gives us an update would at least quite down some of the ones that want it the most. This in no way says how much I want it or do not want it. I would like to keep that to myself if you do not mind.
Has anyone actually gotten a refund based on PVP not being implemented yet? Would love to get my refund too so I can pour it into FFXIV. Speaking of which, at least Square-Enix had balls to man up and not only admit their mistakes, but put in all of their efforts to fix it. MMORPGs have so much more to balance and develop; Diablo 3 isn't that extensive or complex in my opinion and I'm sure Blizzard could fix this game properly if they wanted to, but at this point with little to no news or a progressive road map, it's indicative that there is little to any incentives to do so, oh wells.

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