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Go by main toon and pick out what item you feel would be their weakest link. Ofc if you would like to have another hero checked be sure to say which one XD

The only improvement i can think of is your rings, more str and chc, other then that everythings looking nice

IMO you can craft a better shoulder with higher dex

Roll a better hellfire ring!

And maybe a crit mempo hehe

great item, maybe craft a better amu :D

nice gear but can probably craft a better Bracer.

p.s- Why are you crafting STR shoulders instead of Vit?

Mainhand weapon's dps is fairly low. An upgrade there would be fairly substantial.
Crazy gear and dps. Don't know what to suggest there.

I got it about the hellfire ring but rolling a good one is easier said than done (still trying). Any other suggestions, especially for craftable items ?
terrible skorn the vile wards need to be dropped back onto the ground and the amulet is pathetic start crafting with all that gold you wasted on those gems it could of geared you to 400k dps easily and change your build very weak.
@DecadoKiller you IK belt could be better, you are under 50k life on your barb because of it.
@Garthandal craft some vit on those bracers, everything else looks sick
07/02/2013 07:47 AMPosted by Mauzn
@Garthandal craft some vit on those bracers, everything else looks sick

@Mauzn - Nice looking monk, Only think I can say is go with Nats Boot+ring?

No crit mempo
@ureloaded The boots, but there isn't much to upgrade other than that
@grovak to many bad ones to give just one....

Im not much of a wd person but I would say you need to upgrade the dps on your knife

Legit all around, but I would say the bracers are your weak point. Maybe :-0

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