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Chubby Purple Unicorn please
Someone reported the post? What the !@#$ for?...

Anyways, on topic: awesome job with the posters!

My guess is that the report is for a redirection to the creation section.

Nice work btw.

All of the requests for creatures from above.
Wonderful thread TRM, keep up the good work. Your Wanted Posters lets everyone have a better look at the stuff that we have been slaying.

can you do 1 for Izual and Rakanoth?

Both are now there.
Sokahr the Keywarden

Xah'rith the Keywarden

Nekarat the Keywarden

The Butcher
Hey TRM, this is beyond awesome. I sent you a friend request on Diablo 3 and would love if we could talk.
Friend request accepted. Thanks for the compliment.
It would be cool to have unique monsters turned into almost Uber-like badasses with exceptional abilities and juicy bounties for their heads. It would be a cool thing to do, and since many of them spawn pretty much randomly, it wouldn't be easy to just farm them.

Btw, where did you get the models in T-Pose? I'd love to check them out.
Bump for awesome skills.
Thank you, SirRight. Any more requests?
The Butcher as a projection
very nice job---can i ask how can i extraxt or use characters models from mpq files?with a legal way of course ty very much
once again another aspect of wow being offered into this game. This whole d3 forum will now be found under World of Diablocraft

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