Will D3 be released for Xbox one and PS4?

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I don't like how it's being released a mere month before the new consoles start coming out. Does anyone have any idea?


Found answer for PS4, still looking for xbox one. Source: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/9377318851
I'd like to know too, I just got done paying off my ps4. If diablo 3 comes out right after the launch I will be so mad!!!!
No info? :(
07/02/2013 03:08 PMPosted by Rawrior
still looking for xbox one

07/03/2013 04:16 PMPosted by Rawrior
No info? :(

Xbox One hasn't been announced yet.. when/if it is you will know as it will be listed on the front page. No point in trying to hunt down a confirmation when a confirmation doesn't exist.
Still no word on xbox one?
We've announced Diablo III for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PS4 so far, but we don't have any announcements about other platforms at this time.
i have been playing d3 since release i have a lvl 98 paragon barb, i play just about every night and was wondering if or when d3 is released for console (xbox-1) would i be able to cash in my lvl 98 paragon for a code that i can enter on the new system to at least get me my lvl 98 paraon onto that system. i understand gear is a problem and cant transfer but im sure a lvl code is easy. one code per character trade in. this will delete my pc character for a code that i can enter into the new system, it feels like a year playing on pc will go down the tube and i really would like to try your console version.
If it comes to the xbox one that'll be sweet. Would really enjoy playing diablo in the recliner on the big screen ^_^.
wait...people are back to supporting Microsoft
after they cut you all off, and come begging back?
this is why company's never learn.
Geez, what's with Blizzard's love of Sony? First they get a TON more exclusive items (even more so than the PC users... wtf was up with that?) and now they are confirmed to be on the new PS4... geez
Man im really hoping this hits Xbox One, played the hell out of it for pc but I would love a fresh start with no rmah !!!
You can just play both pc and console, they are quite different games. Twice the amount of play time :)
Games are not jobs you can play more than a couple at a time

Your pc toons are not going anywhere if you own up the console version for a few months
Time having fun is not wasted.

Now moving your guys from current gen console to next, seems much more appropriate.
As I doubt anyone will be playing older gen and new gen console diablo, at least at the same time. Might go own it up once in a while, love gettin those challenges.
People are all like I got 1000 gamerscore on diablo already.... those are so easy. Lol try gettin all the in game challenges in a week. Impossible :)
Xbox One version needed please. Too many hang ups and fps lag at high levels on inferno on Master 5. Bought D3 on the PC and the 360. Will get on xbox one too.
Idk why they wouldn't honestly. Seeing as how Blizzard isn't stupid and knew the new gen consoles are around the corner. Not to mention, leaving the Microsoft fans in the dirt would be a huge let down for a lot of people. Some people are already super mad that PS3 players got like 5 more exclusive items than the Xbox. I just don't think it would make sense. DON'T LET US DOWN BLIZZ!!! <3
Seems like everybody kinda forgot about Sony bleeding out 100 millions of dollars every quarter not long ago. Suddenly all companies wanna be friends with them!

X-box One and PS4 should be announced at the same time, since both any coming eventually.
Y'all. Stop asking. They've seen our questions. They're just not answering.

They know folks are curious bout an Xbone release.
They know we want to transfer our saves.
They know we don't want to have to pay a third time for the game.

And they've continued to remain mute on these points.
Anyone know what the sales #s/figures look like for PS3 vs. Xbox 360 versions?
Hopefully Blizz releases this for Xbone. I am aware that there is "no current plan", whatever that means, but I will be buying the Xbone and it would be nice to have on that console considering I won't be picking up a PoS4 and my PC cannot run D3 presumably. So if a Blue reads this I will more than willingly pay for another copy of this game if you release it for Xbone because quite simply it's one of the most enjoyable games I've played in years and I'd hate to have to stop playing (trading in my 360 toward XBO) because of some exclusivity discrepancies between consoles.
i would buy it for the xbox one as well

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