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Witch Doctor
Hello WD forums,

I've got a barb and a Wizz I built on a ~500mil budget that can solo mp8+ uberts no problem solo (takes a little while on mp10 :p). I've got a little bit of gold to throw around and was wondering if I could build a WD around the same budget (can probly sell some stuff to get up around a bil).

As far as builds go I see a lot of talk about cob for the skillbuild and as far as gear is concerned a lot of debate between skorn and 1h/oh. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

Thanks for your time/advice in advance!

theres mine of a 7mil budget lol
This debate will always rage on and you will get different opinions from everyone about 1 hander / Skorn. I have and always will think that Skorn beats out everything. The ability to stand still and cast CoB without fear of dying is awesome (with the right ehp of course). You are standing in some arcane and molten while some reflect E's are exploding around you? No problem, just keep channeling bats. I am even surprised sometimes when I am standing in the thick of things without problems.

PaulNg has a thread that is up right now about even the lowest dps Skorns being mp10 capable and only adding to your kill time by some seconds. Go try to do that with a low dps mck, it just won't happen.
The generall consensus is that Skorns are best Bang for the Buck, but that for Max DPS, gold is no object then 1h and mojo are best.

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