Game punishes you for being different.

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That really depends on what you are wanting to do at the moment. If the only concern is to be able to farm at the highest efficiency and on the highest MP level then yes you might not have a choice but to choose the best build. But if you are playing for fun, then you have more builds to choose from. I ought to know I have made my own builds that are fun to play. Sure they are not the best builds, but when you are playing for fun it does not matter.
What did you expect without skill trees?

It's a 100% casual game, where you're not supposed to develop your hero - you just choice pre-made schemes and switch between them. Same applies to items - you just buy the same on every hero, trying to afford as high value of each as you can.
I agree entirely with the thread title. But then again, do you really care if you farm at 100% efficiency?

It's a game. Play whatever way you enjoy. Look at my builds! I don't care if i get past MP3 or not so long as i enjoy playing...

In 5 years time, are you really gonna look back and brag about how you made it to MP10, farmed for 8 hours straight, got tons of items, but had no fun? If so, you're life is really pathetic
The main reason why every class is forced into the one best build is probably, because, compared to d2, d3 got rid of a lot of mechanics that could be influenced by "player skill".

In d2 for example almost every monster was slower than your character and most projectiles where slow enough to outmanouver them.
Also, if a melee monster wanted to hit you, your character had to be in hit range the moment the hit would land, not as in D3 at the time the hit animation starts.
As a result, if you had "crazy mouse skills" you could go full glass cannon and still survive, because you would almost never get hit anyways.

D3 on the other hand almost completly got rid of those mechanics and went more mmo style. If the game decides a monster will hit, the hit is guarenteed, no matter where you moved during the hit animation.
There are very few exceptions with a hand full of enemies' special attacks, but usually the only way out is a defensive skill, if you have one off cooldown.

As a direct result the most effective way to play D3 is max defense while also maximizing AOE damage output.
With the monsters being always faster than yourself there simply can only be one way of battle in D3.
Stand in place, soak up all the damage with defensive stats and life steal while dishing out as much AOE dps as you can and hope your are the last one standing.

No itemization or skill revamp can change this, because the core of the gameplay requires you to do that. As a result everyone will look for the skill doing the most AOE dps and use it.
By changing numbers you can only influence which one it will be for the next few month, but not achieve diversity, well unless you make every skill exactly the same, just different graphics.

Just to give a few examples from d2:

Frozen orb sorceress: mediocre dps, but a lot of crowd control, slowing enemies down and killing them while taking minimum damage, kiting them over large distances.

Bow amazon: knocking everyone back and widdling them down while they can't touch you.

Smite Paladin: Jumping in the pack and kill the monsters one by one while being almost unkillabe due to life tap >> sort of the d3 style for most characters and builds :)

And no, i don't want to make d3 into d2, i just haven't played any other ARPG enough to use it for a comparison, aside from d2.
Clone builds only exist in Diablo III. Diversity means more than one thing. To have more than the OPs suggestions of a cookie cutter build. But everyone is a clone in Diablo III. Boaring as!!
Nerf incoming :(
There is always alternatives it's just dorks with excel sheets will always find the most powerful, inevitably.

The tree needs to be changed in addition to configuration methods so you literally cannot copy/paste the second a patch comes out to accommodate said changes. Extremely unpopular but otherwise we use spreadsheets to cookie cutter a build and that's never going to change.
ask this in the wizard forum.

Youll be in for a ride.

I feel like you could double the damage of everything that's not archon or a variation of sns/cm and they would still feel completely useless. Arcane orb would need to be tripled before it would feel anywhere near effective.
The problem is, the game forces these builds.

If there is nothing in the game, that will change the outcome of a battle, except skill rotation and gear than you will have mmo style battles. Tank in place, maybe move out of a void zone and zerg them down. Highest dps wins.

If they want to change that, movement has to be taken into consideration. Voiding all defense for a "flawless movement" style build, would open up a whole new tree of abilities and playstyles.
Ugh. I read this and think of Jay Wilson saying there are "millions of builds" or whatever he said during the viral marketing campaign. I feel sick at how badly I was taken advantage of by listening to that (I got hyped big time). There were more viable builds in D2 with the "horrible cookie cutter talent trees". It's either a) Archon b) Tendon Destruction Frost nova glitch button mash build (the worst build ever conceived in video game RPG history).

Anything other is either so bad in either terms of survivability or damage output or so reliant on GG gear that you could still be much more efficient with either of the previous builds that I mentioned and you're only playing it for novelty, that it's not even worth considering. Of special note are the primary attacks that don't cost Arcane Power... they just suck. The whole resource system for Wizard is horrifically broken.

It's just an epic disappointment all-round. You can't fix it by now, I'm not expecting you to. I don't even care anymore. I'm just voicing my opinion.
there should be magic find reduction if you use whirlwind WOTB and CM/WW spec --

lets face it, changing that spec would make QQ kids once again -- so let's just reduce the drop rate of those peep users to scale at how fast like kiting wizards or ancient spear barbs farm
Well, w/o LS u cant do mp10 w/o struggle and bears are now second in line for dmg,
but so far behind bats its not even funny.

mp10 bats runs are 10x faster than bears, thats why most ppl do them.

Also, for the first time WD is very strong and all WD ppl like that.
It only takes like 10 seconds to go over to any of these pages and see what everyone is using.
Sure not all the skills can be equal but if you don't pick exactly the cookie cutter build of the moment you simply suffer in terms of performance. In what universe do you have a skill that does 1000% damage (cloud of bats) for 66 mana and not expect every single WD to jump on it?

I'm sick of trying to have a different kind of build, im sick of being punished for not wanting the same build as everyone else.

Build diversity is joke in this game.

Thank you for your feedback! Build diversity is a big topic, and something we're always interested in hearing about. I think there will always be a build that yields the highest performance, but the question is about the variance. Do you feel that there are no builds even close to the Cloud of Bats build(s)?!!acYcbZ

that build is deffinatly fun,but there is a problem with the witch doctor class. and it revolves around mana regen,and restrictive cost per damage skills.

if those problems would be dealt with,we could enjoy the fullest potential of the class in terms of build diversity.
great thread so far, very, very true about the game. I would point main touched problems: Hitboxes, statistic-like monster hit mechanic not arcade style where you can avoid hit if you are quick enough. Oversized Health pools. Iam amazed by one thing - actually diablo seems so simple as a game idea, but really, looks like every field needs to develop specially if we happen done step backward. Actually I cant imagine the future when we suffer same problems as today. Is it so hard for humanity to make a good arpg game?

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