200mil finders fee on a GG string of skulls

Witch Doctor
200mil finders fee to help me find and close on a GG string of skulls

Looking for a string with very high Ave damage, high Crit chance, High int, high %vs elites.

Also must have one of the following

+stun on hit 2%+
+freeze on hit 2%+
is it possible?
yes I have a solid string right now with blind on hit, i saw a perfect one with chill on hit so I know freeze and stun can be out there.
slow is on there now man.
Thanks Sk. but the DPS on that slow is way to low. also only freeze or stun matter to procing any more.
200m? don't be cheap and bump it up to 1b! then you might have a chance. if such an item really exists, prepare to pay at least 10b for it. to tell you the truth, you are better off look for a sword with stats you want, it will probably save your time and gold by big margin.
why would this item go for 10b? other than myself who really is in the market for it?

no one else procs any more...

My current Mojo with freeze instead of blind is what i am looking for. (course would not mind better dps stats...)
find me a better LOH sword.. mine is currently No 45 on Diablo progress in N america.
why would this item go for 10b? other than myself who really is in the market for it?

no one else procs any more...

More or less what I was thinking - what kind of baddie still procs? :D

The sword is obviously valuable due to the CM Wiz market, but a proc affix on a WD-only item is pretty much a wasted affix until the devs rework skills again.
well at least your sword does exist but that SS you are looking for.. i don't think it even exists.
All can say is that I have a blind version. I have seen a chill +2.5% with better dps than mine. So A freeze or stun version should be possible.
finding a good zuni mojo alone is already difficult enough..
with ur special requirement...... really need some good luck..

I am heading out to buy a lotto quick pick... ;)
Yeah this one will be tough to find. I see no reason why it would be 10b because there is no market for the stat. A Zuni with high dmg/cc is expensive, but it won't cost more to get stun/freeze.

I think your best bet is camping AH or looking on d3progress. It ain't going to be easy finding one with high dps though...
I am working diablo progress, d2jsp and the AH. I am confidant I will eventually find what I am looking for! Thanks for the advice!
^farming dprog is the TRUE endgame of D3 :)

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