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Currently, every time you make a screenshot, it takes the name 'Screenshot000.jpg' and 'Screenshot001.jpg' etc.

When you have 1000+ screenshots, the first time you make a screenshot on this Diablo III instance, it makes a big lag that can harm your character as you can't move during this moment.

The same problem also existed on Diablo II, but it was solved on WC3, WoW and SC2 : Instead of using an increment for screenshots, they use the current date to make a unique name, and then it never lags as the program doesn't need to see all used numbers.

I think Diablo III should make the same : Use the current date to name screenshots.

Have you tried moving you screenshots to another folder and seeing if it resolves the lag issue?

I'm not entirely sure that the software parses the file names to find the next available number, but I could be wrong. However, it is the case that the program is parsing all of the files in the screenshot folder moving them somewhere else should resolve the lag issue momentarily.

We can't force the code to change, but this might alleviate some frustration.
Yes, I could do that, but Blizzard can also correct this flaw..
07/03/2013 02:44 PMPosted by Danicela
Yes, I could do that, but Blizzard can also correct this flaw..

They can, I was just merely suggesting that you could try this in the meantime until you capture another 1,000 or so screenshots.

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