Mirror Images and Ray of Frost: Sleet Storm

Bug Report
Okay, so there are really two bugs here. One is the well-documented bug where the Images will only cast a limited selection of spells, meaning they don't pull aggro effectively and Mirror Mimics becomes very poor without at least one such spell. But if you channel Sleet Storm and hold down the button while you hit Images, the images will have the Sleet Storm animation playing around them. It will persist until they start their death animation, even if they move, but does not deal damage, even with Mirror Mimics. It's mostly the visual side that annoys me - the images' Sleet Storm bubbles can make it hard to work out where the edge of my storm is - though I wouldn't object to getting the images to cast Sleet Storm instead of attacking when a target gets in range. :)

Thanks for your time.

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