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Preface: This is an amalgamation of my previous thread titled “The Origins of Famous XXXXs – Teeming Necklace”. I have decided to collect various interesting stories of famous BIS items in use on the US server today. For the sake of continuity and ease of reading, I will attempt to write these stories and keep them within the 1st 10 posts of this thread. I would like to thank the many members of the D3 community that have shown an interest in my continuing of the dissemination of the provenance and conjecture related to these items, you all are the inspiration of this chronicle. I will attempt to cover the history of the commonly seen BIS items across all classes. Thank you for your interest and any enjoyment you derive from my retelling of events related to the subject matter.

Note: The content of this post is in no way, shape, or form meant as an endorsement or reason to use duplicated or exploited items, it is a historical account of common, well-known items that exist in multiple quantity within the US server.

A link to the original thread :

A few special thanks:
Vegetto and xxxkan – For postulating the question and digging up ancient factual data on the barbarian forums.
All my friends in the communities that I actively participate – For all the kind words of encouragement
Aya – The closest thing to a brother I have on this Earth, reunited after 7 years by Diablo 3, we both owe Blizzard Entertainment a debt of gratitude.

In honor of Father Earth and Mother Gaia, may the two of you find peace at last.
Let the stories begin…
The Amulet That Knows No Bounds - The Teeming Necklace

EDIT: New details

The Teeming Necklace, aptly named in both its overpowering nature and its seemingly limitless supply is generally considered to be the BIS non-crafted amulet in existence on the US server today. Commonly traded among the high-end Barbarian community, this amulet is the most sought-after, most controversial amulet in the current Diablo 3 metagame today. Its origins are equally interesting and controversial.

The original Teeming Necklace was purchased in Trade chat(1.04/1.05) by a player who's name i will not disclose. MannerCookie (One of the top barbs in not only gear but technical knowledge/theorycrafting), was then one of the 1st players to be contacted about this original non-rollback-replicated teeming. This progressed into a Price Check/Trophy Room thread on d2jsp. Soon after a bidding war ensued between a collaboration of the top barbs led by MannerCookie at that time to keep the damned thing out of the manufacturers hands. I'm not privy to the exact numbers tossed around for the original, but it was an enormous sum, perhaps more than the EU 1300.2 100CD .25 EF. Ultimately, the factories offered more in real money terms, as the negotiations as I understand it were in exchange for real money from the start. This is why you see perhaps several 1000 teemings floating abound today. Teeming, indeed.

TL:DR Teeming was rolled, the original owner sold it in trade chat to one who will not be mentioned, he then put it up for sale to the highest bidder, a team of rich barbs led by MannerCookie attempted to collaborate to keep it out of the dupers hands. Team rich players lost. <Redacted>

Credit: BlackM@mba for PMing me factual, 1st hand knowledge concerning the initial roll/purchase of this necklace, of which the aftermath is still being felt by the entirety of the Barbarian community today.
The Ethereal Lovechild of Eros & Athena - The Infamous 1344 Dex/2OS Manticore

As is well-known by anyone who has ever touched a Demon Hunter, a 2 socket Dexterity Manticore has been the apple of every DH's eye since its unveiling in patch 1.04. This particular crossbow is famous for completely destroying the value of basically every well-rolled Manticore existing on the US server.

The 1344.6 182 Dex 93CD 50% ED 2OS Manticore is one of the newest and last of the mass replicated GG items commonly made available today, While the provenance of this bow is unclear, during its initial appearance in late 1.06/early 1.07 it wrecked havoc on Manticore market, both AH/RMAH. From information gleaned from the resellers, the unleashing of 100s upon 100s of these mantis on a weekly basis had 2 reasons in theory from the mindset of the duping teams. 1) The anticipation of rollback changes, given the changes made prior on the Asia server. 2) The testing of a new marketing/profit scheme, quietly rollback an enormous #, as production methods had been optimized by this time for maximum clones per rollback & testing what the market could bear in terms of flooding the market with relatively low cost dupes for a short period of time. This tactic is similar to stress testing financial models in investment banking.

During this initial flood phase, 2 AH pages of these 1344 mantis could be found on any day of the week 24/7 for between 1.8B and 2B in the GAH. It is assumed that there are at least 2-3000 of these gems in circulation. Once 1.08 hit, and rollback-replication in mass quantity became a unviable option, these Mantis have risen in value, and can still commonly be found on the RMAH, 3-4 listings at any given time. The market value for this practically BIS manti is now 5-6B or approx $150 USD.

TL:DR Epic Manti is the last great item to fall into the hands of the manufacturing facilities. By circumstance, it is also the last opportunity to make serious cash from a mass replication drop onto the unsuspecting D3 public. Chaos ensued as Manti values take a nosedive. The aftermath is the complete collapse the market of a normally difficult to roll, BIS DH weapon. For now and all time, Manticore values will forever feel the effects of this "Famous Star" (D.163 translation) 1344 agile Manticore.

Credit: Otaking, for inspiring this retelling of events
Smoke & Mirrors: Natalya's Personal Quadrafecta Finger Locket, Multiplied

This perhaps, rarest of all the replicated Natalya's Reflection set rings, comes with stats of 33-68 Damage, 88 Dexterity, 8% IAS, 40% Critical Damage, and 6% Critical Hit Chance. For a Demon Hunter or Monk, a quadrafecta-rolled Natalya's ring is a must for the DPS numbers to crack the top 20 dprogress. This is especially true for a dual-wield monk, as the average damage component is multiplied due to its additive component to the damage of both hands. All classes, to some extent, attempt to use a variant of the Natalya's Solace 2-piece bonus (7% Crit Chance, ring/boots) because with a high critical chance rolled ring, 12-14 Critical Chance is the highest DPS gain of any 2-piece set bonus in the game today. As for this particular Natalya's ring, just by glancing at its stats, it is a top 5 or higher rolled, DPS Nat ring. This personal ring of Natalya herself is believed to have made it's appearance in early-mid 1.06 and is an extremely limited production run, perhaps 10 or less of these finger razors are in circulation. Because of its extreme rarity, as well as light knowledge of it's existence, this Nat's ring did not cause very many undue effects on the Natalya's Reflection market. It is unique in that when Nat rings of a similar caliber are rolled, the market value of that freshly rolled Nat ring scales in proportion to the power as it compares to this particularly fine replicant. Rarely traded or made available to the community at large, these can be seen mostly on monks in the top 10 on diabloprogress who have not found a better non-replicated Nat ring. Fair market value today is estimated to be between approx. 30-50B, dependent on market conditions and overall demand. Truly an epic item worthy of a place in these annals.

Talys/Lorelei - One of my oldest friends in the game and the 1st to show me this ring.
(Unnamed) - for offering this ring to me today, before tossing it up on the open market, giving me the inspiration to write this short.
All Readers - for all the kind words and positive comments that give me the energy to keep this thread alive with new content. To many have made your voices heard here and many more who show their support privately, this humble bard owes all of you his gratitude.

Hercules Own Bracers: 178/100/8/6 Strength Lacuni, #1 Str/eHP Lacuni US server

A fairly rare replicant, not much in terms of provenance. From what I can gather from conjecture, it fell into the hands of some more discriminating manufacturers. The market price is relatively high for this particular item due to low production run, 1st apperance late 1.05/early 1.06. They run from 15-20B and there is no discernable fair value. People pay what its worth to them as for quite sometime it was a requirement to get in to the top 50 dprogress, especially pre-BOA crafting. The worst mass-production item to buy in terms of resale. Perhaps only 150-200 barbs would consider the purchase on the entire US server, less so now with the option of crafting a bracer with better heroscore/epeen #s.

Credit: RagingKoala's 1st special request, @Raging, your 2nd one will be included in the 4 Rings of Power.
Sun-Tzu's 5 Echoes of Strength

1129/90/.25, 1223/65/.23 1250/63/.24 1198/86/.24 1234/90.25

Ranked in order of age and relative power.

Release Date: TBA
A Special Short

The Star Agile BUG Explosion Hammer of Sun-Tzu - 1226 DPS/167 Dex/95CD/+.25/11.8 Fear/Socket Echoing Fury

This particularly nasty, nearly max-rolled monk mace made its presence felt some time in the early to mid days of patch 1.06. A very limited production run, perhaps 30-50 of these lovely ladies float amongst the top 100 monks on the US server. Due to extreme rarity and its insane degree of power, the dexterity Echoing Fury market did not suffer at the mid-high tier level, unlike the plethora of strength Echoes that plague the market today. Its real effects are felt amongst the top 20 US monks, most of whom own non-duplicate models that are of similar caliber. The existence of this immaculate hammer has become a permanent stain on all Top 30 rolled Dex/CD Echoing Furies. Today, of all the duplicate EF's that are in common circulation across all classes, this hammer forged by the hand of Sun-Tzu himself is by far the most powerful. This particular monstrosity can be purchased today for 15-25B(subject to market fluctuations), decimating the value of all creme-de-la-creme dexterity Echoing Furies (present/future rolled) for the forseeable future.

Credits: Glhgod - For the inspiration of this story and volume information.
Talys/Lorelei (Retired) - One of my early mentors to the AH metagame and long-time #1 Monk US Server, you are still sorely missed.
Google Translate - For so amusingly providing me with the title to this short.
Aya - For requesting that exploding BUG hammers be a more prominent part of the discussion.

Note: The title is the loose google translation of "Famous Dexterity Critical Damage Echoing Fury", The Sun-Tzu a self-cooked up affix to indicate its Chinese origin.

Thanks all who read and enjoy my tall tales. You all are and will always be the true inspiration of these tales.

A Special Tale for a Surprise Guest

Druin's Hammer - The Tempest's Dream't Magnicifence

Anger Gore - 1504.6 DPS, 1362-1962 Damage Range, 169/178 Dex/Vit, 173% Critical Damage, 5.3% Life Steal, Socket, Yellow 2H Mace - hands down, for all intents and purposes, the best, hands-down, bar-none, 2H monk weapon that exists in the game today. From my recollection, made its appearance on forums not to be named in this thread. Well-established provenance, only 3 owners, if my memory serves me in this case. This hammer can be seen on the above reader's happy monk, perhaps the only yellow Doom Hammer that can out DPS the most well rolled dexterity Skorns. For a Tempest Rush Monk, especially in the snapshotting days of pre-1.07, this magnificent weapon knows no equal. Even today, this hammer is worthy of a place in the annals of this thread. Once made available at a low low price of 3 Billion in-game gold, with no takers, this Doom Hammer will retain its place as the best 2H monk weapon on the US server for the forseeable future, until such a time where 99.99% of yellow rolls are not useless.

Credit: Druin, for personally making an appearance by the fireside, and making his BIS of BIS hammers available for the community to see. Speaking as a admirer from afar, yet again the community never ceases to amaze and bewilder me with such kind words and unexpected surprises.

Note: A link to this magnificent item can be found on page 4 of this thread, just look for Druin's own post, :).

The 3 Wise Men of Agility - Ancient Serpent, Honor Apex, Target Course

BIS, Non-BOA, Dexterity Amulets

Release: TBA
The 3 Wheels Of The Mind - Savage Star, Officer Mettle, Antique Mettle


The most powerful DPS intelligence rings commonly seen on INT characters in the diabloprogress top 100. Antique Mettle to this day is still a top 5 DPS intelligence ring on the US server.

Release: TBA
The 4 Rings Of The Lion - Rugged Faze, Glory Reaper, Raiding Wheel, Quickening Link

Rugged Faze - Possibly the best eHP trifecta ring in common circulation, for all classes
Glory Reaper - Top DPS/eHP quadfecta strength ring.
Raiding Wheel - Double average damage roll DPS strength quadfecta ring, commonly used by barbarians in the Diabloprogress top 50.
Quickening Link - The rarest, most powerful DPS barb quadfecta ring, rarely seen even amongst the top barbarians, with by far the sickest name of the 4 duplicated rings in circulation.

Release: TBA
The Hammer Of Gaia - Hieven's EU Server 1300.2/100CD/.25/12 Fear Strength Echoing Fury


Rolled in 1.05, Still to this day the best EF rolled in the world. Non-replicated and still in Hieven's hands, this weapon is most likely the most well-known weapon of any class in the game due to the price tag that has become the stuff of actual legends and not just in-game ones. Worthy of a place in any chronicle of famous items in the history of aRPGs, ever.

Special Interest tale, spun by your (hopefully) favorite bard on these forums.

Release: TBA
The 4 Agile Blades of Confucius - Swift Reaver, Cunning Menace, Shadow Breaker, Hack Savvy


The 4 most sought-after Monk dexterity swords in circulation today. All have some variation of 11xx DPS, High Dex/CD/LS/OS with the exception of Hack Savvy, the rarest and most expensive of the 4, which is 1198 198 Dex/98CD/3LS/OS. Let's just preface this for now that Hack Savvy bidding starts at 50B-80B IGG these days.

Correction: Hack Savvy is a genuine, 1 of 1, relatively recent drop, with well documented, established provenance. But it is the best dexterity sword on the US server at the time of this writing. I believe it may be for sale, it is on Ixy, the current #1 Monk on the US server. Sorry for any confusion in relation to this story in regards to Hack Savvy, my bad Ixy.

A Background:

I will kick this off with a little Socratic method, "What would you do if you were ultra-rich (50-100B), already had near-BIS in all gear slots, and were really bored?" While you are thinking of what you would do, the answer for our favorite entrepreneurial players of Chinese and non-Chinese origin is, non-BOA crafting of 1H weapons. Why 1H weapons, you ask? The answer is simple, Resale Value. If one who has nothing else to do uses these methods, even being limited to ilvl 62 affixes is not a serious issue. As 1h 6-property Galrakis and Conquest Swords are used by all classes, they represent the best gambles that are non-BOA crafting. This is why, if you care to notice, almost all high-tier 1H weapons in common circulation among all classes are limited to 40% Weapon Damage & <=65% Critical Damage. These 1H crafted weapons, all share the same affix combinations, Large Damage affix(250+ Min Damage, 300+ Max Damage), 35%+ Weapon DMG, Main Stat (Str, Dex, Int), 50%+ Critical Damage, Life Steal, Socket. For the purposes of the 4 agile blades, 2 lucky forgers, assumed to be of Asian origin, at some point crafted the Dex Conquest Swords, Swift Reaver and Cunning Menace. Shadow Breaker is originally an in-game drop, as its CD is 98%, which cannot be crafted. Hack Savvy, considering its place as the #1 Monk sword, and the fact that swords of all classes in circulation are usually conquest swords(i62) and not rune swords(i63), Hack Savvy. in all its 1198 DPS 198 Dex/98CD/3LS/OS glory, is deserving of a mention in these chronicles. (Note: Ixy, as the owner of this sword, if you would like me to remove it from this story, I will.)

Coming Soon

Release: TBA
Zunimassa's Bane - 29-53 Avg Dmg, 85INT, 65AR, 9/33/5.5 #2 Zuni Pox US Server

What to say about this abomination? There is one better pox on US server, but there are at least 50-100 of these economy destroyers on the market. More on this later...

Release: TBA
A Market Skorned - 1419 DPS, 323 Strength, 191CD, 5.8LS Skorn 2H Axe

Credit: RAiN on the barb forums for reminding me about this beast.

Top 10 LS Barb Skorn, late-model production run. I don't have much info on this one, MannerCookie would be in a better position to regale this tale than I. Will bard this one out after I glean some more details.

Release: TBA

Epilogue - That's all folks, in terms of planned stories. I will try to write the stories where I either have 1st hand knowledge of events concerning release and other conjecture from reliable sources. Otherwise, my intent is to entertain my audience with these short stories with some storytelling flair. If you, as a reader, were entertained by this yarn-spinning of mine, feel free to comment on the flavor, nuance, and style of this thread's contents. I do have full-time responsibilities, so additional stories may take some time to write and edit to a standard that i feel comfortable with. Again, thanks to the entire D3 community and the Blizzard D3 staff and community managers, without the whole of you, these stories would have never been told.

Love & Honor,
Get writing man, I'm bored at work. This stuff is class. Better story than D3 by far.
Basic framework and general outlines of the stories I will be writing. If anyone has any rumors or lore they would like to add to the items outlined in the above posts, please feel free to do so. As i have structured this thread to give me the ability to edit the stories with minimal clutter, please, anyone who took the time to read through my ruminations, post away as to the substance and flair of the writing style I employed. Signing off until the next story. Thank you all for your support and kind words.

EDIT: I forgot a tale that was intended to be a story in the progression.
The Ancient Mace of Infinity - Smite Wound
This will be included later.

Credit: Doughbizzle for reminding me about this golden oldie
Awesome posts good read keep up the work!!! look forward to reading the rest when u update :D
My original thread has been brought to the attention of those who shall remain unnamed, until I see the aftermath, or receive notice from the proper officials, I don't think I will be posting completed stories of the selections outlined above. But I will say this, my various storytelling posts have garnered far more positive feedback than a amateur writer could hope to receive over the course of less than 2 days.
If my thread results in unfortunate circumstances, i consider it $60 well-spent.

Thank you all for your continued appreciation of my personal opus to the D3 community.
Dupox plz, and rubble sting.
perhaps 1 day. i'll tell u the story about my manticore. perhaps.
Any idea of these duped? ?
The Hammer Of Gaia - Hieven's EU Server 1300.2/100CD/.25/12 Fear Strength Echoing Fury

Rolled in 1.05, Still to this day the best EF rolled in the world. Non-duped and still in Hieven's hands, this weapon is most likely the most well-known weapon of any class in the game due to the price tag that has become the stuff of actual legends and not just in-game ones. Worthy of a place in any chronicle of famous items in the history of aRPGs, ever.

Special Interest tale, spun by your (hopefully) favorite bard on these forums.

Release: TBA

I remember that one where he paid 7500 euros for sometime in late 2012. I was surprised he spent that much when skorns that would give him comparable sheet dps were going for $100-250 on the rmah back then. He must have really wanted the huge boost in attack speed. Glad to hear he didn't sell it to dupers or create dupes and make a windfall. Wonder if he's going to spend another fortune on an ilvl63 EF come item patch? If yes, he could be looking at 1500dps!

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