nOWE giveaway set BladeMaster/Silver32

Winner: DASH#1202

Originally constructed by BladeMaster and Silver32. I won this set last 05/24/13. And I must say this has helped get to where I am right now. nOWE = no OWE. It's OWE FREE. :)

I paid BM 5m for the set (suppose to be 30m but Kaazzeerr donated 25m). So that I will cherish the set.

Now I won't ask for anything. But the gems on the set needs some improvement. So that will be your first task to maximize the set.

I would like to know why you deserve this set and I would expect you to keep it intact and pass it forward when you're done with it.

Winner will be determined on July 12, 2013 (7pm PDT).

This set is most efficient in MP7. with the proper gems and skill set mostly capable of mp9-10.

Here's how it looks.
I deserve this set because my current one sucks and I can only farm until mp3 at best, and yes I will keep the set intact and farm mp7 or hopefully mp9 or 10 until I get enough gold/supplies to get a better set and pass this current one when I'm done with it :)
Bump. :)
I would like to try for the giveaway also. I also can only do mp3 or maybe mp4 since I use the skorn. My friend of course has a WD that keeps wanting me to play MP10 so any help would be appreciated too.
There you go. I was getting worried that I shaunyu will win this set without competetion. :)
Glad to see this set moving on to another monk. Great job on your monk alphashift good to see you rolling 200k+
Thanks BladeMaster. As promised. Im passing it forward. :)
Dear Alphashift & all fellow Monks. I Dash wish to win this item giveaway that Alpha has so kindly supported. I do not belive that I "deserve it" anymore than anyone else. If I were lucky enough to win not only would this be a MAYJOR upgrade to my current gear but also I would use it in all aspects of the game; helping others, farming with fiends, and the usual (I play alot of Diablo). I would also keep the tradition of passing the item down when I am able on my own to not have to reply on the help from this gear. Good Luck To Everyone 8-)
How to participate? May I join the draw also?
i would like to win this set as a way to break from the cookie cutter build i'm using though i like it quite a bit. but i would love the opportunity to expand my playing style and explore the possibilities of the monk as much as i can. currently i only use gold that i farm or that i get from farmed items selling on the AH. i would most deffinately pay it forward when i'm done with the set,
Hi! I'd love to win this giveaway as my current gear is severely inadequate (having not played for awhile but would like to get back into the game) for anything beyond MP3 and would hopefully be able to play on higher MPs and farm better. Of course when I am able to get better gear on my own, I'll pass it on to other monks in need. cheers and good luck to the rest!
07/07/2013 11:06 PMPosted by DarkXnight
How to participate? May I join the draw also?

Of course everyone can join in DarkXnight. :)
07/08/2013 07:30 AMPosted by AlphaShift14
How to participate? May I join the draw also?

Of course everyone can join in DarkXnight. :)

Thank you very much for the opportunity but i think this set would be more suitable for those needed as my current set are +/- the same level.

Gud luck everyone :D
Usual bumpee. :)
Any other contenders for the set? :) Bigger pool is always better. :)
I really deserve this because I play around 5 hrs a day and havent really got a break anywhere.. Still stuck at MP5..
Keep em coming guys! Deadline's almost near. :)
Bump! :)
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