Nigel Cutthroat's untargetable brigand

Bug Report
I encountered a bug where one of Nigel Cutthroat’s brigands that rushes out with him from the NW corner is immortal. Even after Nigel died and the quest was awarded (notice the next quest in my objectives), the brigand kept attacking me. He could not be targeted or receive damage, but he could definitely hurt me. I died to him to see what would happen. My deeds of research will be remembered! (immortal and untargetable brigand) (death to brigand)

A related bug concerning immortal brigands was reported here (though invisible, mine was visible), but I don’t think any other thread describes exactly what I encountered or is from 2013 so I made a new one.

I hope this is useful!
Found a recent thread about the same thing. Sorry for duplication.

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