how to get 200k dps unbuffed?

anyone got tips i need help i need 53k more dps i dont know what im doing wrong i hit about 197k buffed
I think you would gain a DPS boost from switching to a 6CC inna's helm and picking up the lost attack speed on your right-hand ring, Also your weps are a little low on DPS, if you picked up an EF you could probably get a sizable DPS boost. Also the CC on your bracers is bad. Finally, you need to get some trifecta gloves.
You can get there!!
Save the gloves for now. I actually got to 200k myself on a pair very similar (bifecta)

Zambash is right though, lose the Mempo! I would suggest picking up the Inna's Spirit Stone with 5.5%+ CC. Mempos are worth it if you can get a crit chance one.
That will be your biggest gain by far. In order of DPS upgrades and difficulty:

1. Inna's helm (more CC)
2. socketed EF (+Atk speed, though you might lose LS because they are expensive)
3. crafted bracers upgrade (more CC)
4. amulet (more dex)

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