Hardcore Monk - What to buy next?

I have 100 million and I'm having a hard time finding anything good. I think my next purchase should be a Witching Hour with decent vitality. What do you think?
I wouldn't buy the Witching Hour just yet. You've got a single Blackthorne's set item and a single Inna's set item. You really shouldn't be leaving 100 Vit and/or 130 Dex on the table. (Not to mention Blackthorne's 3-piece and 4-piece set bonuses, which aren't too shabby.

What you need to do before you buy anything is decide what final gear set you're working towards, particularly in the helm-chest-belt-pants area. Will if be Blackthorne's pants and belt with Inna's chest and helm? Or maybe Blackthorne's pants and chest, with a Witching Hour and Mempo? Figure out what you want your gear set to look like and work towards that, usually completing the sets for the free bonus stats.

In HC, you can't really make too many DPS over EHP type of decisions. You've decided to go with Nat's set over Ice Climbers + rare ring, which is an EHP concession. You're going dual-wield, which is a huge EHP concession. I'd probably ultimately go with Blackthorne's chest and pants in your set up in some way because that's the most defensive way to gear those slots.

I'd be looking for a 50+ Dex, 200+ Vit, Fire Resist Blackthorne's chest for my next major upgrade (or however much Vit you can afford on it, not sure about current prices). Or one with Fire resists, high Vit, and 10%+ Life. Something like that. I'd want more defenses in your shoes, and so that's what I'd get. With the +100 Vit set bonus, the right one could be an EHP, DPS, and mitigation upgrade trifecta.

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