A Big Mistake

Two days ago, I got a big mistake. Because this mistake made me sad two days. I don't know how to explain why I happened like that. The story is that I found a bad ammy in my stash then I wanted to make brim. After I did, I found that bad ammy equipped, but my GG ammy disappeared. So I think I made GG ammy brim, not that bad ammy. It is a big mistake.

My GG ammy got brim. It is no longer exist anymore in this world. Here is this ammy spec.

10-21 dmg
71 strength
340 dex
9 iAS
61 cd
10 cc


I lost 18k dps without that ammy! :(
Ouch that one stings. Only good thing it's maybe the next gg one you roll will turn out better.
the dreaded right click switcheroo...... i hear ya man, just did the same thing yesterday
Really..... I can't believe it why I did this... illusion....!
Sorry to hear about your loss.

I've learned long ago I should never, ever, transfer items from the stash to my inventory (or the other way around) via a right-click. I click, drag and drop at the desired location. It's cumbersome and time-consuming, but at least this way one avoids the possibility of unintended right-click that will replace something in your equipped gear and avoid detection until it's too late to recover the loss.
Feel sorry for you man, if i had $1 for everyone that has done that i would be rich. People have been petitioning blizzard to fix this from day 1 but to no avail. Maybe the monk gods are decreeing you shall have less DPS but we grant you extended life? Always look on the bright side.

yup, the old BOA ammy gives me extended life! look more balance monk now. But I'm still missing it alot.

Actually, I did do this foolish twice. I got bime a rare sword before. The sword spec.


I afraid it will be happened again in coming future.
I missed my GG ammy!
I don't know for,how long, but today I was running around wearing white shoulders, with my VW's in my bags. If they were a yellow rare, I probably would have brimmed them :(

Sorry for your loss, it must hurt.
May the RNG Gods bless you soon.
Ouch, I've almost done this with my gear before. You'll craft a better one I'm sure, just don't know how many DE's that will take :/
Sorry to hear that. I've come close before...knock on wood. I basically check my details screen for a few key stats before/after I do anything in this game.....vendor/brim/log and so on. It sucks to even have to do that but the gear swapping setup they designed sucks imho. Though I will admit the vendor window fix is better...it's still only partially helpful.
be happy you only brimmed pixels and not your leg or arm.
Oh my god ManU! SOrry to hear this...

You will get a better one man! Cheer up.
Wow sorry to hear I feel sad for you have some bacon. Bacon makes everything better
Sorry to hear this D:
08/28/2013 08:35 AMPosted by BladeMaster
Wow sorry to hear I feel sad for you have some bacon. Bacon makes everything better

^This. cook it in the oven like this...you will feel better


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