Any real upgrade I can make for 20-25 mil?

I feel I've hit the wall, and nothing I find for anything near my budget seems worth the price.
Am I missing an obvious weakness or weapon?, or should I just keep grinding it out and use my gold to upgrade gems (using found material).
I could blow it all rolling for better crafts, but's that's a gamble I'd like to avoid. I think I did not too bad in limited attempts, but hey - I'd love to nail some better Armor.
if u spread out that 20m across the best nat's boots and ring u can afford im pretty sure it will beat your ice climbers and rare ring.
Hmm - Quick look through the AH tells me it's all about the ring. Boots seem reasonable in the 500k - 2 mil range for nice stats, but the ring needs to be 15mil + to rock my world (CC + some resistance). I recall checking this some time back and seeing the rings way higher - have they come down to earth?
It does model out to a 10K DPS jump - but costs me some life.

I'll pursue this. Gold doesn't kill monsters, so it's no good in my stash...

Ok - Done. Boots and Ring for 12mil, 10K DPS upgrade. Thx for the tip.
looking good.

if u actually still have 10-15m sitting around now, i looked over your witching hour.

search the AH for

All armor types

9 AS
40 CHD
AR or Vit

and see if u can spot anything nice for under 10m. i recall seeing a 9 AS, 46 CHD, 70 dex and ~20 AR WH for 8m. but if u want to continue rocking OWE which is not at all illogical at this point, u can swap AR for poison resist.
how much was your unity ?
Well, I'm seeing about 12+ mil for any real Dam gain from a new WH - and that's taking a hit in Life. Upgrading both Dam while holding fast on Protection and Health is 20mil+.
I'll keep an eye on the AH, but that not worth it for now.
Think I'll try my crafting luck for some better gloves. Thx for the help!.

Daliwoo - I paid just under 3 mil for the Unity.
07/09/2013 05:12 PMPosted by Clawback
Think I'll try my crafting luck for some better gloves.

man tell me about it; i've been crafting 100s of gloves, literally - just looking at my AH history on tears purchases.

here's wishing us both trifecta AR Vit gloves. cheers

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